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The Undertaker is coming back 3 months before wrestle mania to see who will challenge him Nough said

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2011-12-03 01:42:07
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Q: When will undertaker come back 2011 what date?
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What date will the undertaker come back?


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February 20, when they come back to continue the season.

When does drop dead diva come back on in 2011?

Yes, but they have not release the date

What is the date the undertaker coming back to smackdown?

He's most likely not coming back to Smackdown. Taker is in his mid 50s now and is probably about to retire. He may come back for another Wrestlemania, but that's about it probably

Will undertaker come back at great American bash?

No,the report siad that he will not come back at great American bash he i off on summer vacation siad the reporters of wwe.Undertaker will come back in october if that date is not when he will come back the wwe reporters siad he will come back in 2009. Coco coco ^ i read a script saying he will come back at great American bash and face the world champion

What date undertaker died?

undertaker isny dead yo twats he got buried alive at bragging rights but hes coming back at wrestlemania 27

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It is back on now, but it started season 2 in July 2010In 2011, it is supposed to be on in March, but the exact date is unknown.

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November 6, 2011

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I am not toatally sure about in Ireland, but in North Am. it is coming back on April 12th, which I am sure it will come back on the same date everywhere it is broadcasted.

Can you unlock the badass undertaker in smackdown vs raw 2011?

It will be in DLC pack 3. The release date isn't revealed yet.

Who did the undertaker date?

Michelle McCool

What date in January does Pretty Little Liars come back on?

Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars premieres on January 3, 2011

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