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My Answer is Undertaker will end the carrier of Kane if he returns

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 10:31:12
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Q: When will the undertaker returns?
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Will undertaker returns?

Maybe or maybe not.

How will undertaker look when he returns?

just the same as he was

What will happen when undertaker returns to WWE?

at wrestlemaina

Is the undertaker returns?

he returned at summerslam 2010

When the undertaker returns?

Undertaker will return on 1/31/12 on monday nitgh raw

When does undertaker returns?

He is rumored to return at vengeance but those are just rumours.

What happened and where is the undertaker?

maybe he is dead or not because every year they say something happened to the undertaker and then later on ... he returns or maybe heis just in injured

Will the undertaker returns to WWE in 2011?

Yes the undertaker will return to wwe either at the royal rumble or at wrestlemania to face either Kane of edge for the world heavyweight title but if he returns at the royal rumble he will go after Kane and then later he will go after edge for the title but undertaker will retire in 2-5 maybe 10 years from now

Will goldberg return WWE for break streak of undertaker because only he can do this?

I don't think so. Even if he returns I the wwe I don't think undertaker Will lose the streak to him

Who stronger Kane or undertaker?

The undertaker is stronger then kane . And he will proved that when returns to wwe in october 23 2011 at wwe vengence to fued with kane . Officialy declared by wwe

Is undertaker really dying?

undertaker isn't dying hes just injured and the real person who did that to the undertaker is his own brother Kane who you will find out soon when the undertaker returns and confronts Kane at a paper view where Kane faces rey myesterio in a casket match but sadly undertaker gets tombstone and out powered by Kane :(

When undertaker returns?

i think he will return at wrestlemania to fight with wade baret....but his shoulder injury can cause him to lose the wrestlemania.....

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