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Since the date changes from year to year, refer to the Wimbledon link, below, for up-to-date information.

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Q: When will the Wimbledon Womens' final be held?
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Who won the womens 1994 Wimbledon final?

Conchita Martínez

Who won the womens 1998 Wimbledon final?

Jana Novotná

When was the men's Wimbledon final first held on a Sunday?


Wimbledon womens final 1997?

The final of the Ladies' Singles at Wimbledon in 1997 was played between Martina Hingis and Jana Novotná. It was won in 3 sets by Martina Hingis.

Who won the womens Wimbledon tennis title in 2006?

Amelie Mauresmo Won The 2006 Womens Singles Title At Wimbledon.

Where is the Wimbledon tennis tournament held?

It is held in Wimbledon, England.

Who won womens Wimbledon?

Venus Williams

What year was the mens and ladies Wimbledon final held on the same day due to rain?


Who was the womens singles Wimbledon champion in 1999?

Lindsay Davenport defeat Steffi Graf 6/4 7/5 in final

What time is the ladies Wimbledon final?

According to Comcast Cable, the Wimbeldon's womens finals match time will be 2:00pm EST

When is the Wimbledon Open 2011 tournament?

The Championships at Wimbledon this year begin in the 20th of June with the men's singles final being held on July 3rd.

Who won the 2003 womens Wimbledon?

Serena Williams

Who was the 2005 Wimbledon womens winner?

Venus Williams

Who won womens Wimbledon in 1999?

Lindsay Davenport

Who won Wimbledon womens 2009?

Serena Williams

Who won the 1992 womens Wimbledon?

It is Martinova Navrotola.

Where does the Wimbledon take place?

Well, Obviously Wimbledon is held in Wimbledon, London, England. It was the first championship ever to be held.

What time is the Wimbledon 2009 women's final match?

According to Comcast Cable, the Wimbeldon's womens finals match time will be 2:00pm EST.

Who was the winner of womens single Wimbledon 2011?

Petra Kvitova

Who won Wimbledon womens doubles in 2008?

The Williams sisters

Who won the 2004 womens Wimbledon championship?

Maria Sharapova.

Who was the Wimbledon womens singles champion in 1997?

Martina Hingis

Who won the womens Wimbledon tennis 2008?

Venus Williams

Who won the 2008 Wimbledon womens title?

Benthams Dad

Who won the Wimbledon 2011 womens singles?

Petra Kvitová.