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When Vince and the creative team want him to. i imagine just before W23 when hes set to retire to make him a 5-time world champion

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Q: When will the Undertaker win the world championship or the WWE title?
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How did Edge win the World Heavyweight Championship in 2008?

Edge won the title at WWE's pay per view One Night Stand by defeating the Undertaker in a tables, ladders, and chairs match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. As a stipulation the Undertaker had to leave WWE.

Who is the longest world title holder in WWE?


What is every WWE title in history?

World Heavy Weight Championship WWE Championship ECW Championship Woman's Title Cruiser Weight Title European Title Tag Team Championships U.S. Champion

Why was the wcw and wwf title combined?

The two titles are not combined. Currently the WCW title is renamed world heavyweight title and is currently held by Edge and the WWF title is renamed as WWE title and is currently held by Randy Orton now undertaker has the heavyweight championship wheras john cena has the wwe championship

How many times has the Undertaker won the WWE championship?

WWF/E Championship (4 times)World Heavyweight Championship (2 times)The Undertaker has been WWE Champion 4 times.

Who won the first WWE championship?


What are the titles won by undertaker?

the world h. champion The Undertaker has won the WWE Championship belt 4 times and has won the World Heavyweight Championship belt 3 times

How many times did undertaker won the WWE championship?

One time, and he won the world heavyweight championship 3 times.

Which title is better and why WWE champ or world heavyweight champ?

Both the titles are of equal importance if we consider the championship per say. The WWE championship which was the only world championship in the WWE before they bought out WCW may be considered a slightly more prestigious title among the insiders in the WWE but both champions are treated equally when it comes to importance in the WWE

What WWE championship was not originated from WWE?

The united states championship was actually brought in when they acquired wcw although they had one at one time the current one is wcw title. Also the current world heavyweight championship is an incarnation of wcws world title hope this helps

Who has had the longest reign as WWE champion?

For the World Heavyweight Championship belt, Edge had the title for a total of 7 reigns. For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, John Cena had the title for a total of 12 reigns.

Had Cactus Jack ever won a championship?

He won the Hardcore championship and the WWE championship in the WWE/F. He also held the TNA world heavy weight title

Wwe What was sheamus first title?

The first title that Sheamus won was the Wwe Championship.

What is the best WWE belt you can get have in the WWE?

The World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship are tied for the best title to hold. They're the primary belts. The Intercontinental and US belts are secondary belts yea the world heavyweight and wwe championship are the primary belts u.s intercontinental are the secondary belts

Who has held the WWE Championship the most times?

The Rock Has Held 7 hhh 13 times. ok if your asking souly about the wwe championship and not the world championship john cena has held the wwe championship 10 times witch is the most anyone has as for the world title (the former wcw title) ric flair is a legitame 16 time world champion with the original wcw worlds title

What title did John Cena hold in his wrestling career?

John Cena held many titles in his career. He had the title for WWE United States Championship and World Tag Team Championship. He also had the title for World Heavy Weight Championship.

Who is the WWE world heavyweight champ 2008?

There have only been two WWE World Heavyweight Champions so far in 2008 [As of June 2nd].This being Edge who retained the Championship through the fall of 2007 into WWE WrestleMania where The Undertaker managed to secure his second Championship.Although at this years One Night Stand, in a TLC Match, Edge managed to regain his WWE Title against the Undertaker. Winning his third Title as a singles competitor. Thus meaning Edge is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion of 2008.Its also interesting to note that if the Undertaker lost his TLC match against Edge, he would be '' Banished '' within the WWE. Having lost to Edge, he has subsequently been '' Fired '' from the WWE within Kayfabe.

How do I win the championshรญp Digimon world championship?

get into wwe and beat the champion for the championship and keep it until someone beats you in a championship match for the title

How many belts has randy ortan had?

Randy Orton has held a championship 7 times in the WWE: World Heavyweight Title 1 time, World Tag Team Title 1 time (with Edge), Intercontinental Title 1 time, and the WWE Championship 4 times.

Has an African-American ever won the WWE Championship?

No, an African - American has never won the WWE Championship, although Booker T has won the WWE's equivalent title, the World Heavyweight Championship.He won this numerous times in WCW and the WWE.

Did undertaker win his first match?

Yes his first was against hulk hogan for the wwe title and he won the wwe title on his wwe debut

How many times has Matt hardy been WWE champion?

Never. Matt hardy has never won the WWE title or the World Heavyweight Title. He has won the United States Championship, European Title and the WWE Tag Team Title.

What WWE superstar defeated Jeff hardy in a ladder match for the WWE undisputed championship in 2002?


What titles Jeff hardy won?

he won world heavyweight title, European title, tna title, wwe title, intercontinental title, wcw title, and ecw world tag team championship title

When did Shawn Michaels win his third world title?

Shawn Michaels' thrid title was the NWA Central States Tag Team Championship. His third singles title was the WWF (WWE) Championship.