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Not in our lifetime

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Q: When will the Detroit Lions win the suoer bowl?
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When will Detroit Lions win Super Bowl?

they have never won a Super Bowl.

Who will win the 2017 Super Bowl?

Jacksonville Jaguars or Detroit Lions

Will the Detroit Lions win the Super Bowl this current season?

40-55 % chance

Which teams do not have a win in the Super Bowl?

the san Diego chargers cleavland browns Detroit lions

Will the Detroit Lions ever win a Super Bowl?

The chances of the Lions ever winning a Super Bowl are the same as any teams chances statistically speaking. There is always hope!

When did the Detroit Lions last win?

The Detroit Lions won 9 games in 2016 but the Green Bay Packers won the division championship. They won the division in 1991. They last won the NFL championship in 1957. That was before the Super Bowl.

What year did the Detroit Lions win their division championship?

Through the 2009 season, the last division championship the Lions won was 1993 when they went 10-6 and won the NFC Central division. Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, the Lions also won division championships in 1991 and 1983.

How many games did the Detroit Lions win in 2010?


When did Detroit Lions last win at home?

Against the rams

What football teams did Gil Mains play on and win a Super Bowl ring?

Gil Mains played for the Detroit Lions between 1953-1961. There was no Super Bowl prior to 1967, however, Mains was a member of the 1953 and 1957 Lions' teams that won the NFL championship.

Did the Detroit Lions win the super bowl in 1957?

No, the Baltimore Colts won the 1971 Super Bowl over the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 16-13. Since the Lions are a professional team and the Rose Bowl is played between two college teams, the Lions would not have an opportunity to play in the Rose Bowl.

Who were the first nfl team to lose to an afl team?

The New York Jets were the first AFL team to win a Super Bowl (SB III). After the merger, the first old AFL team to win the Super Bowl was the Miami Dolphins (SB VII).