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We can expect the fixture list to be published in mid-June. With a number of Rugby clubs sharing with football clubs, the rugby fixtures are not traditionally published until after the football fixture list which is set to be announced on June 17.

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Q: When will the 2009-10 Guinness Premiership Rugby Union Fixtures be released?
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Russia3PERSONNELTotal Population: 140,702,096 [2008]Population Available: 73,239,761 [2008]Fit for Military Service: 50,249,854 [2008]Reaching Military Age Annually: 1,602,673 [2008]Active Military Personnel: 1,245,000 [2008]Active Military Reserve: 2,400,000 [2008]Active Paramilitary Units: 359,100 [2008]ARMYTotal Land-Based Weapons: 79,985Tanks: 22,800 [2005]Armored Personnel Carriers: 9,900 [2005]Towed Artillery: 13,585 [2005]Self-Propelled Guns: 6,010 [2005]Multiple Rocket Launch Systems: 4,350 [2005]Mortars: 6,100 [2005]NAVYTotal Navy Ships: 526Merchant Marine Strength: 1,074 [2008]Major Ports and Harbors: 8Aircraft Carriers: 1 [2005]Destroyers: 15 [2005]Submarines: 61 [2005]Frigates: 19 [2005]Patrol & Coastal Craft: 72 [2005]Mine Warfare Craft: 41 [2005]Amphibious Craft: 22 [2005]AIR FORCETotal Aircraft: 3,888 [2005]Helicopters: 2,625 [2003]Serviceable Airports: 1,260 [2007]FINANCES (USD)Defense Budget: $43,200,000,000 [2008]Foreign Exch. & Gold: $476,400,000,000 [2007]Purchasing Power: $2,097,000,000,000 [2007]OILOil Production: 9,870,000 bbl/day [2007]Oil Consumption: 2,916,000 bbl/day [2006]Proven Oil Reserves: 60,000,000,000 bbl [2006]LOGISTICALLabor Force: 75,100,000 [2007]Roadways: 854,000 kmRailways: 87,157 kmGEOGRAPHICWaterways: 102,000 kmCoastline: 37,653 kmSquare Land Area: 17,075,200 kmSources: US Library of Congress; Central Intelligence AgencyLast Updated: 2/12/20094. 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Germany7PERSONNELTotal Population: 82,369,552 [2008]Population Available: 38,138,073 [2008]Fit for Military Service: 30,958,113 [2008]Reaching Military Age Annually: 863,773 [2008]Active Military Personnel: 250,000 [2008]Active Military Reserve: 358,650 [2008]Active Paramilitary Units: 40,000 [2008]ARMYTotal Land-Based Weapons: 5,699Tanks: 2,035 [2007]Armored Personnel Carriers: 2,300 [2007]Towed Artillery: 1,364 [2007]Self-Propelled Guns: 49 [2001]Multiple Rocket Launch Systems: 232 [2001]Mortars: 515 [2001]Anti-Tank Guided Weapons: 1,277 [2007]Anti-Aircraft Weapons: 1,436 [2007]NAVYTotal Navy Ships: 130Merchant Marine Strength: 391 [2008]Major Ports and Harbors: 8Aircraft Carriers: 0 [2008]Destroyers: 3 [2008]Submarines: 13 [2007]Frigates: 13 [2008]Patrol & Coastal Craft: 10 [2007]Mine Warfare Craft: 38 [2007]Amphibious Craft: 6 [2007]AIR FORCETotal Aircraft: 350 [2007]Helicopters: 748 [2003]Serviceable Airports: 550 [2007]FINANCES (USD)Defense Budget: $45,930,000,000 [2008]Foreign Exch. & Gold: $136,200,000,000 [2007]Purchasing Power: $2,807,000,000,000 [2007]OILOil Production: 141,700 bbl/day [2005]Oil Consumption: 2,618,000 bbl/day [2005]Proven Oil Reserves: 367,200,000 bbl [2006]LOGISTICALLabor Force: 43,540,000 [2007]Roadways: 231,500 kmRailways: 48,215 kmGEOGRAPHICWaterways: 7,467 kmCoastline: 2,389 kmSquare Land Area: 357,021 kmSources: US Library of Congress; Central Intelligence Agency; Fighting Forces (Barron's)Last Updated: 2/12/20098. 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Japan9PERSONNELTotal Population: 127,288,416 [2008]Population Available: 54,683,598 [2008]Fit for Military Service: 45,097,127 [2008]Reaching Military Age Annually: 1,212,321 [2008]Active Military Personnel: 239,000 [2008]Active Military Reserve: 57,899 [2008]Active Paramilitary Units: 12,250 [2008]ARMYTotal Land-Based Weapons: 2,040Towed Artillery: 5,760 [2001]NAVYTotal Navy Ships: 147Merchant Marine Strength: 683 [2008]Major Ports and Harbors: 10Aircraft Carriers: 0 [2008]Destroyers: 15 [2008]Submarines: 18 [2008]Frigates: 41 [2008]Patrol & Coastal Craft: 1 [2008]Mine Warfare Craft: 38 [2008]Amphibious Craft: 7 [2008]AIR FORCETotal Aircraft: 1,957 [2003]Helicopters: 745 [2003]Serviceable Airports: 176 [2007]FINANCES (USD)Defense Budget: $44,300,000,000 [2005]Foreign Exch. & Gold: $954,100,000,000 [2007]Purchasing Power: $4,272,000,000,000 [2007]OILOil Production: 125,000 bbl/day [2006]Oil Consumption: 5,353,000 bbl/day [2005]Proven Oil Reserves: 58,500,000 bbl [2006]LOGISTICALLabor Force: 66,690,000 [2007]Roadways: 1,196,999 kmRailways: 23,474 kmGEOGRAPHICWaterways: 1,770 kmCoastline: 29,751 kmSquare Land Area: 377,835 kmSources: Central Intelligence AgencyLast Updated: 2/12/200910. TurkeyPERSONNELTotal Population: 71,892,808 [2008]Population Available: 39,645,893 [2008]Fit for Military Service: 33,444,999 [2008]Reaching Military Age Annually: 1,298,979 [2008]Active Military Personnel: 514,000 [2008]Active Military Reserve: 380,000 [2008]Active Paramilitary Units: 148,700 [2008]ARMYTotal Land-Based Weapons: 6,672Tanks: 4,205 [2007]Armored Personnel Carriers: 830 [2007]Towed Artillery: 685 [2007]Self-Propelled Guns: 868 [2007]Multiple Rocket Launch Systems: 84 [2007]Mortars: 5,813 [2007]Anti-Tank Guided Weapons: 1,283 [2007]Anti-Aircraft Weapons: 1,664 [2007]NAVYTotal Navy Ships: 182Merchant Marine Strength: 602 [2008]Major Ports and Harbors: 6Aircraft Carriers: 0 [2008]Destroyers: 0 [2008]Submarines: 13 [2007]Frigates: 24 [2007]Patrol & Coastal Craft: 28 [2007]Mine Warfare Craft: 24 [2007]Amphibious Craft: 8 [2007]AIR FORCETotal Aircraft: 1,199 [2007]Helicopters: 336 [2007]Serviceable Airports: 117 [2007]FINANCES (USD)Defense Budget: $30,936,000,000 [2009]Foreign Exch. & Gold: $76,510,000,000 [2007]Purchasing Power: $853,900,000,000 [2007]OILOil Production: 45,460 bbl/day [2005]Oil Consumption: 660,800 bbl/day [2005]Proven Oil Reserves: 300,000,000 bbl [2006]LOGISTICALLabor Force: 23,530,000 [2007]Roadways: 426,906 kmRailways: 8,697 kmGEOGRAPHICWaterways: 1,200 kmCoastline: 7,200 kmSquare Land Area: 780,580 kmSources: US Library of Congress; Central Intelligence AgencyLast Updated: 2/12/2009