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Q: When will Jerry Rice be eligible for the hall of fame?
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When was Jerry Rice inducted into the hall of fame?


Does Jerry rice have a nephew playing for the vikings?

No, Sidney Rice is not related to the Hall of Fame football player, Jerry Rice.

What player in the Hall of Fame played for the Cowboys and 49ers?

jerry rice

Who was elected to football hall of fame this year?

2 of 7 are Jerry Rice and Emmith Smith

When will Sammy Sosa be eligible for the Hall of Fame?

He last played in 2007 and will only be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2013.

Is Condoleezza Rice and Jerry Rice related?

Jerry Rice is a Hall of Fame former football player who who best known for playing wide receiver for the 49ers. Ray Rice is the former running back for the Ravens. They share a last name, but they are not related.

How long does it take to get in the NFL hall of fame?

Five years. As an example, both Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith retired after the 2004 season. The five seasons they waited before being eligible for election to the Hall were 2005-2009. Both are eligible beginning with the 2010 elections and, most certainly, both will be elected in 2010.

Is Alex Rodriguez in the hall of fame?

No. A player is not eligible for the Hall of Fame until five years after he retires.

When will Bret Favre be elegible for the Hall of Fame?

Brett Favre will be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016.

Is Jerry sloan in the NBA hall of fame?

Yes, Jerry Sloan was induced into the NBA Hall of Fame as a Coach. He is currently the coach of the Utah Jazz.

Who are three players in the NFL football hall of fame?

Joe Montana (quaterback) Emmitt Smith (running back) Jerry Rice (wide receiver)

Who is the football player is in the hall of fame for the most Receptions most Career Yards Gained and most career touchdowns and is the greatest receiver?

Jerry Rice