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His 25 year career ended in 2010 after losing a match against The Undertaker that he put his career on the line for.

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Q: When will HBK retire?
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Will hbk retire?

He has already retired.

Did HBK retire in 2010?


Will hbk retire this year?

Hbk already retired after wrestlemania 26 2010 when he faced undertaker and lost!

Is hbk retiring?

Yes he already retire by Undertaker at wm26

Will hbk return to WWE 2010?

no his time has come to retire

Is hbk going to tna?

No. HBK won't be wrestling again. He wanted to retire after WM26 so he lost his career vs streak match.

Who will retire ric flair?

HBK retired him oh by the way HBK is going to loose to the undertaker wm 25 17-0 baby

What will the main event be for WrestleMania 26?

my guess is hbk vs hhh in a retirement match...hbk loses as he says he wants to retire in 2010 sometime

Why WWE got rid of hbk?

because undertaker beat him.... if undertaker lost to hbk he would lose his streak but if hbk lost to undertaker he would leave from wwe and undertaker won August 2010-the didn't get rid of him, HBK wanted to retire.

Shawn Michaels vs undertaker WrestleMania?

Well, the undertaker has won hbk and his streak isn't going to end, hbk will retire and probably sign up later and wrestle again

Who was better rockers hbk or dx hbk?


Did Rick flair retire?

he had to mister McMahon said next time he lost a mach he had to retire and the he lost to hbk Shawn michaels at wrestlemania 24

Is HBK going to retire after WrestleMania XVII?

yes, but the showstopper Mr. wrestle mania will be back just like Bert hart

Is Shawn Michaels Really MrWrestlemania?

Have you seen HBK Wrestle at Wrestlemania How about Looking up HBK vs Ric Flair Wrestlemania 24,HBK vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 25,HBK vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 26,HBK vs Brett ''The Hitman''Hart Wrestlemania, HBK vs Mr.Mcmahon anyways My point is That Yes HBK is Mr.Wrestlemania he is the Headliner, the Icon, HBK you know why don't buy HBK's Heartbreak D-Man

Hbk email addres?

what is hbk addres

King Kong Bundy or HBK?


Is HBK a rapper?

yes HBK a rapper

Why did hbk retire?

Shawn Michaels retired in order to heal from nagging injuries, to spend more time with his family, and to be more active in his local church.

Who is better Triple H or HBK?

hbk is better

Who sings HBK's theme?

HBK sings it himself.

How come hbk isent in the WWE?

HBK is in the wwe

What happened to hbk and undertaker?

hbk is out til july.

Where is hbk now?

hbk is spending time with his family.

What happened to the undertaker after WrestleMania?

i hope the undertaker died because he ended shawn michaels career forever. Hate to burst your little hate bubble, but Undertaker is not dead nor did he end HBK's career! HBK decided to retire, Losing to the Undertaker was his decision on how he wanted written out. In truth Taker had nothing to do with HBK ending his career. If you will notice just before the ending of the match you see Taker tell HBK it is not to late to change it. HBK retired himself, he had been wrestling for 25 years and now wants to spend time with his kids and wife.

What is hbk salary?

hbk salary is 20000 per month

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