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since he is currently acting in movies, he will not fight.

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Q: When will Goldberg return to WWE?
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When will goldberg return?

There is no news about Goldberg return to the wwe.

When will Bill Goldberg return to the WWE?

bill goldberg will return in 2011.

Will bill goldberg ever return to WWE?

Bill Goldberg will not be returning to the WWE anytime soon.

Will Goldberg return to the WWE and if he does when will he return?

Goldberg has not planned to return to WWE as a competitor as of 2011. There has been some news on Goldberg returning to professional wrestling but he hasn't committed to any wrestling promotion yet.

What date will bill Goldberg return to WWE?

Goldberg is going to return before the end of 2011 he said :)

Why did bill gooldberg not return to the WWE?

No, I don't think so. Goldberg is not expected to return to the WWE because he did not part ways with the WWE in good terms. He wasn't happy with WWE and left unhappy. Most experts fee that Goldberg will never return to the WWE.

Did goldberg return to WWE on 2011?

not yet

Will Bill Goldberg return to the WWE?

In the 2012 Royal rumble

Will goldberg return to WWE?

Don't get your hopes up. Goldberg retired from wrestling, and WWE doesn't like him right now because he was a major bully backstage

Is Goldberg coming back to Wwe 2012?

There are rumors that Goldberg may return to wrestling but nothing is confirmed yet

Is there any chance that goldberg will return to the WWE in the future?

There is always a chance but it is unlikely

Will you see bill goldburg returning to wwe wrestlemania ny nj?

No, I don't think so. Goldberg was never expected to return to the WWE because he did not part ways with the WWE in good terms. He wasn't happy with WWE and left unhappy. Most experts fee that Goldberg will never return to the WWE. Wrestlemania XXIX happened on 7 th April, a few months ago and Goldberg wasn't part of the show.

When is goldberg coming back to WWE 2011?

Never. 2011 is already over and Goldberg did not return to the WWE. There have been many rumours about him returning to the WWE over the past years. But, he has denied them and hasn't confirmed any such news.

When Goldberg comes to WWE?

he came and when with no mayor sucess back in 2002-04 i dint think he plans to return to wwe

Is gold berg returning to WWE?

It is unknown whether Goldberg will return to the WWE one day, it is more than unlikely though.

How do you know Goldberg is returningto wwe at summerslam?

he is not only the undertaker will return at summerslam no one else.

Why goldberg leave WWE?

goldberg leave wwe beacause when he enters the wwe he had no smile in his face and no fun

Why goldberg left WWE?

goldberg personally did not like wwe superstars which forced him to leave.

When will Goldberg be back?

Goldberg is most likely not returning to WWE, for he claimed in an interview that WWE can "kiss his a$#."

Will goldberg return WWE for break streak of undertaker because only he can do this?

I don't think so. Even if he returns I the wwe I don't think undertaker Will lose the streak to him

Will goldberg come back to the WWE 2011?

There is no chance, Bill Goldberg comes back to World Wrestling Entertainment in 2011. World Wrestling Entertainment does not want to take old professional wrestling superstars including wrestling legends because WWE plans to develops new professional wrestling superstars as future legends. However, there is a chance for Bill Goldberg to return to WWE but not as wrestler which means WWE Hall of Famer in future.

Who is Goldberg in WWE?

Goldberg was a professional wrestler, currently retired.

When Bill Goldberg will come?

Bill Goldberg is currently retired from the WWE.

Will Bill Goldberg return to wrestling?

Only Bill Goldberg can answer that. But, it is not likely that he will return.

What WWE game has Goldberg?

wwe here comes the pain