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Wetsuits were invented sometime in the1950s.

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Q: When were wet suits invented?
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Who invented space suits?

Zachery Hansen was the person who invented space suits

Why do surfers in California need to wear wet suits most of the year?

Why do surfers in California wear wet suits most of the year?

Where can one purchase a men's wet suit?

Dick's Sporting Goods sells wet suits designed especially for men. Dunham's is another sporting store that sells men's wet suits. The retailer REI sells more of the higher end suits.

When were space suits invented?


When were diving suits invented?


How do wet suits keep you warm?

people like peeing on them

What are wet suits supposed to do?

Wet suits are supposed to keep the water out, and keep your body heat in, since the cold ocean will suck away a lot of your body heat, extemely quickly, so as to make the longest possible dive/swim time, wet suits keep your body heat in, and the water out.

What year was space suits invented?


Who invented pressure suits?

Evgeniy Chertovsky

What are some popular brands of wet suits?

Henderson and Hurley both are highly rated for wet suits by professional divers, ironmen and diving afficionados. Both are known for their comfort and stretchability and durability.

What year did jump suits come from?

they were invented in 1945

Who invented scuba diving suits?

Luke Davis

Do people swim in wet suits in Australia on the beach called bellswaveswinkipop?

Yes they do.

Who invented the flight suit?

Do you mean flight suits/compression suits for fighter pilots, or wing suits, the kind that let parachutists "fly"

Who invented wet drapery?


Who invented the first wet cell?

the first wet cell was invented in 1800 by an Italian scientist named Allesandra Volta.

Do sharks attack because the black wet suits look like seals?


When were Hazmat Suits invented?

In 1939 inventor unknown -Dr.Hooves

Who invented the dry and wet bulb thermometer?

The Dry and Wet Bulb Thermometer or the Hygrometer was invented by Horace Benedict de Saussure

Who invented the wet barometer?

Evangelista Torricelli

Who invented the wet wipe?

JA Thompson

What is the difference between Bras and panties and bathing suits?

There is different fabric used the the underwear while swim suits are made for getting wet and the cut/styles are different.

When was the folding umbrella invented?

Samuel Fox invented the steel-ribbed umbrella in about 1852. Before that, wet umbrellas were just about impossible to fold when they were wet.

Why was the clothes dryer invented?

to dry clothes when they are wet

Why do divers stay warm in wet suits?

They stay warm because the suit was made to keep them warm.