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1896 in Athens, Greece.

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Q: When were the first modern summer Olympics?
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When and where were the first modern Winter Olympics held?

When and where were the first modern Summer Olympics held

How long has the summer Olympics been going on?

In modern times, the first Summer Olympics was in 1896.

How many years were between the first modern summer games and the first winter games?

28 ... the first modern Summer Olympics was in 1896 and the first Winter Olympics was in 1924.

Original summer sports that were represented in the 1896 Olympics first modern Olympics?

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When summer Olympic started first?

the first modern Olympics were hosted in 1896.

When did the fist Olympics start?

The first modern olympics were held in Athens, Greece in the summer of 1896.

What year did the modern summer Olympics start?

The modern summer Olympic Games were first held in Athens, Greece, in 1896.

Where was the first summer olypic games held?

The first Summer Olympics of the modern era were held Athens 1896

What year was the first summer Olympics held?

The first summer olympic's of the modern era was held in 1896, the same year as the winter Olympics. It was not until 1992 that they separated the summer and winter Olympics to different years.

When was the very first summer Olympic games held?

The first modern Summer Olympics were held in 1896, in Athens, Greece.

How many nations took part in the first modern summer Olympics?


When did Pakistan first compete in the modern Olympics?

1948 Summer Games in London.

Why were the first modern summer Olympics held?

To show the sprirt of international competition.

When was he first summer Olympics?

when did the summer Olympics begin

Was the first Olympics a summer or winter?

It was the Summer Olympics

Tennis and diving occur in these Olympics?

Tennis and diving are both part of the Summer Olympics. Tennis was a part of the first modern Olympics during the summer of 1896. It was taken out of the Olympics in 1922 and restored to the Summer Olympics in 1988. Diving became a Summer Olympic sport in 1904.

Did the modern Olympics have both summer and winter Olympics?


When did Hungary first compete in the Olympics?

Hungary first competed at the first Modern Olympics, the 1896 Games in Athens. Hungary has competed in all Olympic Games, Winter and Summer, except for the 1920 Summer Games and the 1984 Summer Games.

Who was the person that created the modern Olympics?

what are cities that have hosted the Summer Olympics.

What year were the summer modern Olympics not held?


Types of Olympics?

There are modern ,summer , winter and ancient

Which years were the modern Olympics cancelled?

All the following games were cancelled due to world wars 1916 Summer Olympics 1940 Summer Olympics 1940 Winter Olympics 1944 Summer Olympics 1944 Winter Olympics

Who was the first person to start the modern day Olympics?

When did the modern Olympics start When did the modern Olympics start

When did Ethiopia participate in the Olympics?

Ethiopia first participated in the Summer Olympics in 1956 and has been to every Summer Olympics, except the 1976 Summer Olympics, since then.

Where was the 2004 summer Olympics held?

The 2004 Summer Olympics were held in Athens, but unlike the first answer, the first Olympics were held in Olympia not in Athens.