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1845. The first official Baseball rules were written in 1845.

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Q: When were the first baseball rules written?
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What were the first official baseball rules written in?


The first official baseball rules were written in?


Who was theinventer of baseball?

It is unknown who invented baseball. There are few records of the beginnings of baseball before the New York Knickerbocker club's first written rules.

Who discovered baseball?

First people thought it was Abner Doubleday who discovered baseball. However, that is only a myth. The first published rules were written by Alexander Cartwright in 1845

What is the first set of baseball rules ever?

The first important set of written rules was scribed by Alexander Cartwright, of the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club, and published on September 20, 1845

What has the author Phil Perez written?

Phil Perez has written: 'Official Little League Baseball rules in pictures' -- subject(s): Rules, Little League Baseball, inc, Baseball

What were the first rules of baseball?

The original rules of baseball were developed by Alexander Cartwright in 1845. Click on the 'Original Rules of Baseball' link on this page to read all about them.

Who first wrote the rules of baseball?

Alexander Crosswright

Why did the colonists want the powers of government written down?

To have the rules written down means that when there is an disagreement the rules can be used to solve the problem. Imagine playing a baseball game without rules.

What association lead the first rules in softball?

the game of baseball

What year were the first rules for American Football written?

In 1876

What has the author Jason Turbow written?

Jason Turbow has written: 'The baseball codes' -- subject(s): OverDrive, Nonfiction, Sports & Recreations 'The baseball codes' -- subject(s): Rules, Baseball

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