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I bought mine around 1976 and they had been around at least one year prior...

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1982 or 1983. I purchased my set in 1983 when Jack was using them on tour.

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I had a full set of Jack Nichlaus Golden Bear, including woods. They were not Slazenger. They were McGregor. I purchased new in 1985

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Q: When were McGregor Jack Nicklaus Muirfield golf clubs manufactured?
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UndefinedMcGregor golf clubs synchrolire how much are they worth?

McGregor golf clubs

Who won the first US Open using metal golf clubs?

Jack Nicklaus' brother Bob

Set of 1989 MacGregor Classic irons by Jack Nicklaus. Are they blade or cavity type clubs?


Where are taylormade golf clubs manufactured?

Unfortunately, Taylormade golf clubs are now built in China.

What year was the MacGregor Ambassador golf club made?

I have a set of MacGregor Ambassador III by Nicklaus clubs. I think I got them in 1988 or 1989.

What year were the Ram golden investor golf clubs manufactured?


Is a full set of Macgregor Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus signature clubs Reg 086 worth a lot of money?

not really probably about 30 quid

What clubs did Jack Nicklaus use in the 1970's?

Macgregor: VIP by Macgregor blades, Macregor Eye-O-Matik Woods and a Macgregor George Low Wizard putter.

What is the value of toney penna golf clubs?

Toney Penna was famous for persimmon drivers, primarily. Back then, clubs were designed, developed, prototyped and handcrafted by the same person and his persimmon woods were very popular on and off the tour. He went on to design lots of very very good clubs, but his company and the clubs that bore his name never really gained much popularity. In the early 90's, Penna Golf wasn't doing to well (the Callaway Big Bertha was kicking everyone's ass). Nicklaus sold his shares of MacGregor and bought out Toney Penna to form Nicklaus Golf. In fact, Nicklaus liked the designs that Penna had at the time so much, that he thought he could save the company simply by putting his name on it. See the "Toney Penna Innovator" and the Nicklaus N1 irons for reference. Value: Penna Innovators from the early 90s or some of his stuff from the 60s and 70s in pristine condition might be worth a couple hundred bucks to the right person.

Where are ping clubs manufactured?

Ping Golf started in Redwood City California, but is based in Phoenix Arizona today.

How do you contact a mcgregor golof manufacturing rep in Ireland re faulty golf equipment?

First off, go back to where you bought the clubs from, they will either send them back for you or offer replacements. Failing that they will get in contact with the rep for you. If you bought them from an internet retailer, contact them.Failing the above, go to the McGregor website and contact them directly via email.

Who owns Walter Hagen golf?

Walter Hagen golf clubs are one of the house brands carried by Dick's Sporting Goods. They are actually made by Nicklaus Golf.