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Q: When wearing a sterile gown and gloves why should you not fold the arms with the hands in the axilla?
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Can you touch a prep area with sterile gloves?

Can you? Yes. Should you? No.

How should a sterile packaged be handled?

Using sterile gloves and making sure it does not touch any non-sterile/contaminated objects

Should you use woolen or leather gloves for parkour?

You should not be wearing any gloves.

Should surgical gloves be sterile?

Sometimes. Anyone touching the patient or anything else that will touch the patient (instruments, drapes, etc.) or touch the surgical table or equipment in the sterile surgical field, must be sterile, including the gloves. However, all types of surgical gloves are not sterile, but those used in surgery must be. Other procedures (outside of surgery) are considered "clean" but not "sterile", in those cases, non-sterile gloves can be used.

What actions with sterile gowns and gloves violate correct sterile technique?

Some actions with sterile gowns and gloves that would violate correct sterile technique include:Not gathering and setting out all necessary suppliesNot performing NON-sterile tasks FIRSTNot tying back your long hair first before washing your handsNot removing anything on your body that could interfere with the sterile procedure: your bracelet; stethoscope around your neck; pocket protector holding your scissors, pens, etc.Setting everything up and opening sterile products--then, leaving it all sit out and leaving the room while the patient vists with family and friends. They could touch anything that is opened.Not washing your hands and doing so using correct hand-washing procedures before touching ANY sterile equipment / productsTouching the sterile gloves any place except at the top with your washed hand.Touching with your washed hand the fingers of a sterile glove to pull the fingers into better position (You CAN touch the sterile parts of gloves if BOTH hands are already gloved.)Pulling up your sterile gloves at the wrists when wearing the sterile gloves -- the hand and glove that touches your skin at the top of the glove is now NOT sterile anymore.Moving and setting aside objects that are in your way-- should have done that during prep.Opening the sterile napkin or sheet for your work area but letting the sterile side touch a non-sterile surface.Touching ANYthing that is NON-sterile after washing your hands or already wearing a sterile gown and gloves (remove gloves and gown; rewash your hands; use a new pair of gloves and new gown)Not following correct steps for a sterile procedureBeing gloved and gowned and then, opening the outsides (non-sterile) of packagingPushing back your hair or wiping your face or scratching an itch once you are in sterile garb.Lifting the side of your gown to get something from your pocket.Sneezing over or on the sterile fieldLetting your sweat, if you are nervous, drip onto the sterile field.Letting sterile items touch non-sterile items or objectsLaying a sterile item down outside of the sterile field, even if "only a little" is off the sterile fieldReaching over or across a sterile tray or sterile fieldUsing NON-sterile scissors or tweezers to cut or assist you with handling gauze, tape, tubing, etc.Sitting on the patient's bed to do a sterile procedure (You should never sit on the bed anyway. If you are wearing sterile gown and gloves, you are no longer sterile.)Letting any person without sterile gloves to handle any sterile item-- including the patient-- or your instructor! IF your instructor violates the sterile equipment or touches the sterile field, stop. Remove your gloves/gown, throw out the opened/contaminated items, get new unopened products, rewash your hands, and start over.Leaving the room to get something you forgot, returning, and continuing while wearing the same gloves and gown. If you leave the room, your sterile garb is no longer sterile. Your gloves are no longer sterile. Start over.Using your pen to write a date on tape while still doing the sterile procedure. Wait until you are done with the sterile procedure before doing non-sterile actions.There are so many actions we all do unconsciously. Learning sterile procedures forces us to become conscious of all our actions, even the most simple or ones normally seen as "minor".

Single use glove should be worn?

Single use gloves should be worn in instances where the gloves should be sterile and not repeatedly worn.

Which glove would you use when treating an open wound?

You should wear a new pair of sterile surgical gloves.

What personal protective equipment should be worn when suctioning patient?

Usually the standard sterile gloves, mask and goggles can suffice to protect you when suctioning.

Is it fashionable to wear black gloves with a brown coat, or should the colors match?

You can wear black gloves with a brown coat, however it should be noted that many people wear gloves which match the color of the shoes they are wearing for a great fashion statement.

what is the policy (regulations)for FOH (servers, cashiers, hosts etc.) with regards to wearing nail polish?

You should be wearing gloves anyway so it wouldn't matter.

Im pregnant and your obgyn was giving you a pap smear without any gloves on and you were wondering if that was normal?

NO, that is not normal. An obgyn should take sanitary precautions, thus wearing gloves.

When a healthcare worker has a puncture wound what is the proper way to handle this situation?

healthcare worker should apply band-aid on a puncture wound, after it he should wear sterile gloves, then he can do his work.