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Start of Women's BasketballIn 1892, a physical education teacher, Senda Berensen, at Smith College in Connecticut, used basket ball (the name was originally two separate words) for her women in physical education classes.

On March 21, 1893, the first game was played at Smith College -- the freshman class played the sophomore class. Its popularity spread quickly and in April 1896, the first intercollegiate game was played between Stanford and Berkeley. (

Several professional leagues have existed, the first of which is the WBL, Women's Professional Basketball League, in 1978.

This league created the use of the women's size basketball. The idea was proposed by Karen Logan, a well known player at the time. She wrote a 3 page proposal to the league telling them that many sports have equipment that is different for different sized people, such as tennis and golf, and that basketball should do the same. She proposed a ball about an inch smaller in diameter. The WBL saw a promotional opportunity and adopted the idea, having Wilson Sporting Goods to manufacture the ball (see Pitts, B. G. 1984. Effects of a smaller, lighter basketball on skill performance of female basketball players. Dissertation. University of Alabama. email: Many years later, based on Pitts' research, colleges and high schools adopted the women's size basketball.

WNBA started in 1994.
1892, one year after original basketball was invented

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Q: When was women's basketball invented?
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