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Van der sar have never been named the world's best keeper of the year

but he deserved it

he been placed alot between the second and the 10th

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Q: When was van dar sar the worlds best goalkeeper?
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Who is the best goalkeeper in England?

Edwin Van Der Sar

Best goalkeeper ever?

Edwin Van Der Sar or Peter Schmeichal or Iker Casillas

Who is the tallest goalkeeper?

Willie "Fattie" Foulke weighed in at almost 330 lbs. or 150 kg and was 6 ft 4 in. He was the first goalkeeper for Chelsea FC, and was famous for arguing and abusing refs and opposing players

What team did Edwin van der Sar play for when he was awarded title of Best European Goalkeeper?


Who is Edwin Van Der Sar?

He is the Dutch international goalkeeper and Manchester United first choice goalkeeper.

What gloves does van der sar use?

Goalkeeper gloves

In which Edwin van der Sar is a goalkeeper?

For Holland and Manchester United.

Who is the highest paid goalkeeper in epl?

Edwin Van Der Sar