When was tom laundry fired?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Landry was replaced as Cowboys head coach in February 1989.

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Q: When was tom laundry fired?
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Which NFL coach was fired in 1989 after 29 seasons with team?

Tom Landry was fired by Jerry Jones after 29 Seasons loyal years of coaching the DAllas Cowboys from 1960 to 1989. RIP Tom.

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Why did Jerry Jones fire Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry via the media and not to his face?

Legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry was fired in February 1989 by the Cowboys' new owner, Jerry Jones, who named University of Miami coach Jimmy Johnson to succeed him. Although the firing was a shock, there is no record that Jones announced it on TV instead of telling Landry first. JERRY JONES HAS PUBLICLY STATED THAT HE GAVE HIMSELF A SCORE OF 'F' ON THE HANDLING OF BUYING THE COWBOYS AND THE SITUATION WITH TOM LAUNDRY.