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the first Iditarod sled dog race was in 1973, butnit was more like a camp because the mushers stayed together and weren't racing. :)

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Q: When was the very first Iditarod sled dog race?
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What is the Iditarod dog sled race?

Follow the related link, below, for some very good information on the race.

How dangerous is the Iditarod race?

the iditarod can be very dangerous at times.

How do the dogs survive the iditarod race?

The Alaskan sled dog is very tough. It has a thick coat, and is a well built, well muscled dog that can run all day. During the Iditarod they may wear a jacket and booties to keep the paws from being cut. But they were bred for this work.

Who won the first Iditarod?

Dick Wilmarth won the very first Iditarod in 1973.

What will cause the iditarod to stop?

Very little. The circumstances of the race are extreme. There is very little that would be cause to call off the race.

How old does a husky have to be to be in a sled race?

Well the Siberian husky has to be at least 1 year 1/2 and older to be in a sled race unless it is very very strong at 1. Well hope this works :)

When did the very first Iditarod start?

in 1937

What does Haiditarod mean?

It's iditarodan important dogsled race run annually on the Iditarod TrailFamiliarity information: IDITAROD used as a noun is very rare.

Why are huskies used in the Iditarod race?

huskies are used in the iditarod because of their amazing speed and strength. the can last a long time on al little amount of food which can be very helpful for their mushers.

When was the Iditarod race originated?

In 1973, when an epidemic of dipetheria hit the city of Nome in western Alaska. Unfortunatly, the antitoxin could only be found in Anchorage, in the other side of Alaska. Airplanes were very new, and and only flew during the short summer. It was agreed that the antitoxin would be taken to Nenuana by train, and then a team if dog sled teams would take it to Nome. This is where the Iditarod came from.

Does every team in the Iditarod finish the race?

Yes, unless you are injured or some how die. Though it is very unlikely to die.

Why is the Iditarod important?

The Iditarod is a celebration of the loyalty and courage of the sled dog.Sled dogs have played a very important role in the history and culture of Alaska and the North Country.The Iditarod places humans and dogs together in a very challenging event that strengthens the bond between all members of the team.Teamwork is the only way to get to the finish line, as "...common sense and good sportsmanship shall prevail."It is name afther the iditarod trail which is indian for clear water

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