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The three point line was added for the 1987-88 season in Texas high schools.

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Q: When was the three point shot added to Texas high school basketball?
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When was the 3 point shot added to basketball in South Dakota?

According to a source at the South Dakota High School Activities Association, the 3 point shot was added to high school basketball for the 1985-1986 season.

When was the three point shot added to South Dakota High School basketball?


When was the two-point shot added to basketball?

The two point shot has always existed in basketball.

What is the from the three point line to the basket in high school basketball?

31 feet

Did basketball have a three point shot in high school prior to 1978?

Yes this is my question

Who is the all time three point leader in the big 12 conference in basketball?

A.J. Abrahms from the University of Texas

Where do you measure the three point line in high school basketball from?

It is measured from the center of the hoop.

How long is middle school basketball three?

19"9' from the basket to the 3-point line. Same as in high school.

How long is the high school basketball 3 point line?

19.75 ft (6.01 m)

Who was the point guard for Memphis catholic high school basketball team in 1994?

Craig Alsbrook

How far apart are the basketball goal and the three point line?

In high school, 19 9

What is the distance from the rim to the 3 point line in a middle school basketball court?

19 feet