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The UK (which includes England) has hosted the Olympics in 1908, 1948 and 2012.

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Q: When was the second time england held the olympics?
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What is the town name celebrates the Olympics in Greece?

Athens Greece is where the world held there first olympics in 1896. They also held the olympics for the second time in the year 2004.

What years were the Olympics not held and why?

there was a time when the modern Olympics were not held. In what years did this occur? What was the reason why the Olympics weren't held?

What year was the Olympics games held in Athens?

Athens has hosted Olympics 2 times.... first time in year 1896 .. and second time in 2004

Why are Olympics held nowadays?

There is not definite answer to this question as the Olympics are held in a different location every time.

When was the last time the Olympics were held in the US?

In 1996 Summer Olympics which were held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Is the Olympics always at the same time of the year?

The Olympics are held every 4 years. The Winter Olympics is held in January and February and the Summer Olympics are held in July and August.

How many times before 2012 has the UK held the Olympics?

The last time that England hosted the world cup was 1948

Where will Olympics be held next time?

they are being held in London

Last time France held Olympics?

That was the 1992 Winter Olympics that were held in Albertville. Other Olympic Games held in France were the 1900 and 1924 Summer Olympics held in Paris, the 1924 Winter Olympics held in Chamonix, and the 1968 Winter Olympics held in Grenoble.

How often is olympics held?

The Olympics were held every four years, this time span was called an Olympiad.

When were the last time Olympics held?

The last summer Olympics were held August 2008 in Beijing China.

When was the Irish Olympics?

The Olympics were never held in Ireland, however in 2003 Ireland hosted the Special Olympics which was the first time they were held outside of the US.

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