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The original University of Michigan Stadium which is called Michigan Stadium was built in 1927.

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2013-11-14 01:32:08
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Q: When was the original University of Michigan Stadium built?
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When was the original Yankee Stadium built?

The original Yankee Stadium was opened in 1923.

When was the University of Michigan built?

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When was the old wembley stadium built?

The original stadium was opened in 1923.

What is the largest football stadium?

It is Michigan Stadium in Michigan for Major League Football (NFL or National Football League).For College Football it is still The world's largest college football stadium is nicknamed the Big House and if that doesn't give it away then the answer is Michigan Stadium.Michigan Stadium is located at 1201 South Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan and is owned by the University of Michigan.The stadium was built in 1927, costing $950,000.00 and had an original capacity of 84,401 which has been increased to 107,501, but had a record crowd of 112,118 during a November 22, 2003 game against Ohio State.Michigan Stadium is home to the NCAA Michigan Wolverines.Check the link below for more info:

Which university's stadium built in 2006 has a field that can be moved outside for sunlight?

University Of Phoenix

When was Bronco Stadium built?

The Bronco Stadium was built in Boise, Idaho in the year 1969. The stadium opened the following year, 1970. The stadium has since then been expanded. It is owned by Boise State University.

What year was Indiana university's current football stadium built?

1970 i belive

When was Yankee Stadium's first opening day?

The original Yankee Stadium was built in 1923, opening day was April 18.

Where is wembely staduim and its year founded?

It is located in London, England. It was built in 2007 on the original site of the stadium built in 1923.

Where was the original Yankee Stadium built and when?

The original Yankee Stadium was located at East 161st Street and River Ave. The Bronx, New York. Construction began on May 5, 1922 and the stadium opened on April 18, 1923.

Which university team's home ground is the Bryant Denny Stadium?

The Bryant Denny Stadium is the home ground of the Alabama University's Crimson Tide American college football time. The Bryant Denny Stadium was built in the year 1937.

What was the name of reliant stadium previously?

Reliant stadium was built once the Texans were made into a team back in 2001. The original stadium that the Houston Oilers used to play in was called the Astrodome.

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