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1932 1932

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Q: When was the old scuba diving suit invented?
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How old do you have to be to get a scuba diving license?

Well at my scuba place I think it's 9.

How old do you have to be to get certified for scuba diving?

Today, kids can begin experiencing diving from a young as 8 years old.

How old do you have to be for scuba diving?

Yes i know its 13 yrs.

Can you make money by scuba diving?

Like the old joke goes: "the only way to make a small fortune in scuba diving is to start with a large fortune." Lots of people earn a living with scuba diving, but very few become rich.

Who invented the old scuba diving suit?

University of California physicist Hugh Bradner is credited with being the original inventor of the neoprene wetsuit, in 1952. Credit also goes to Jack O'Neill, who was working on the idea about the same time and was the first to commercialize it.

What do you need to know to be a scubadiver?

To be a Scuba Diver you have to take a course in scuba diving which varies in cost depending on how old you are or where you are in the world .

How do you get the diving suit on Big Nate Island?

You have to give the old photo ( found at the lighthouse) to the man at the camera building who's standing next to scuba gear. He'll trade it for the gear.

What are things to do in Puerto Rico?

Sport fishing, scuba diving, beach and Old San Juan.

How do you get the scuba diving stuff on Big Nate island?

Catch the old photo blowing around by the left side of the lighthouse. Swap it for the diving gear at the Say Cheese photo shop. Use the suit to dive for Cap'n Salty's lost lobster trap at Puffin Point.

How do you get a scuba diving mask on Big Nate island?

Catch the old photograph blowing in the wind by the lighthouse and bring it to the photo shop. The owner will give you the diving gear.

How do you dive down on Big Nate island?

Go to the lighthouse where there is an old photo blowing in the wind. Take it to the Say Cheese camera shop and the owner will give you a scuba diving suit for it. Go to the lighthouse and dive for Cap'n Salty's lost lobster trap.

How old do you have to be to go scuba diving?

It depends upon the certifying agency. The youngest allowed is ten years old, however this is dependent upon physical capabilities and maturity. Scuba diving is an immensely enjoyable sport, but carries with it some inherent risks. All divers need to be mature enough to understand what these risks are and how to control them. Brian SSI DiveCon

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