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The nfc won a pro bowl game in 2012

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Q: When was the last year the NFC won the pro bowl?
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When was the last time the NFC Won pro bowl?


When the NFC wins the pro bowl do they win the Super Bowl?

No, when the NFC wins the pro bowl, the NFC team playing in the Super Bowl wins home field advantage.

Who has won the super bowl and the pro bowl the same year as AFC or NFC?

the browns

Who is going to the pro bowl this year?


When was first pro-bowl between AFC NFC?

The first pro bowl between AFC and NFC was January 21, 1973.

Who was the last barefoot Philadelphia Eagles kicker?

I believe Tony Franklin was. And Paul McFadden 1984 NFC rookie of the year 1985 Pro bowl.

What is the different between the Super Bowl and the pro bowl?

The Super Bowl decides the NFL champion and is played by the winners of the NFC and AFC championships. the Pro Bowl is a less serious game played by the best players in the NFC and the best in the NFC, selected by voting

In what year did the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl begin playing in Aloha Stadium in Honolulu Hawaii?

Aloha Stadium's first hosting of the Pro Bowl was January 27, 1980 when the NFC defeated the AFC 37-27.

Who won the first Pro Bowl?


Pro bowl letters?


Who won the pro bowl in 2011?


What conference has won the most pro bowls and supr bowls?

as of 2008-09 season start pro bowls: tied 19-19 super bowls: NFC leads 23-19 last super bowl: NFC's giants won over the AFC's patriots (patriots were undefeated till then at 18-0) last pro bowl: NFC won over the AFC 30-42 (AFC had a 24-7 lead)

What team is playing in the pro bowl?

The NFC and the AFC

Who was the winner of the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl?


When pro bowl is won what does the AFC or NFC receive?


Who won the Pro Bowl in 1989?

For the Pro Bowl played in 1989, the NFC defeated the AFC, 34-3.

What makes the pro bowl so important to win for AFC or NFC?

the pro bowl is not important at all. it is just an exihibition game

How many times has the NFC won the Pro Bowl?

23 times

Who has more pro bowl wins?

As of today its 21-20 NFC

Who won the 2011 pro bowl?

NFC won 55-42

Who won the 2012 pro bowl coin toss?

nfc it was heads

Which team NFC of AFC won the pro bowl 2012?


What was the highest scoring game in the football pro bowl games?

NFC 65, AFC 62 for a total score of 107 it was the 2008 Pro Bowl

Who won the AFC and NFC pro bowl in 2009?

The Pro Bowl for the 2008 season was plaayed on Feb. 08, 2009.The NFC defeated the AFC 30 - 21.

Does the NFC or AFC have the most Pro Bowl wins?

AFC 1970 and present.....