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Q: When was the last time there where no upset in the first round in one region at the NCAA tournament?
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Who upset UNC in the first round of the 1999 NCAA tournament?

Weber State.

Who upset UNC in the first round of the 1999 NCAA tournament snapping a two-decade long streak of at least one tournament win a year?

UNC lost to Weber State, 76-74, in the first round of the 1999 NCAA tournament.

How many times has the number one seed been beat in first round?

Only in the Women's tournament. It has never happened in the mens tournament. I believe that Stanford was the number one seed at the time, but I cannot remember whom upset them

How many times has a 15 seed upset a 1 seed in the tournament?

A 15 seed has never played a 1 seed. Normally, a 16 seed is matched against a 1 seed in the first round, and through the 2009 tournament, the 1 seed has won the first round game 100 times out of 100 tries. A 15 seed has beaten a 2 seed four times, but has never advanced beyond the second round.

Who upset DePaul University in NCAA tournament?

Indiana state in 79 i think

Biggest upset in ncaa tournament history?

Northern Iowa's victory over Kansas

How many wins did the bears get in 2005?

The Bears were 11-5 in 2005. They were upset in the first round by the Carolina Panthers (29-21).

Which of the following lines was sung first on your song by Taylor swift?

your on the phone with your girlfriend shes upset she going round about something that you said

How many times has a 13th seed upset a 4th seed in the tournament?

24 times.See

Who upset Unc tar heels in the 1999 ncaa tournament?

Weber State beat the Tarheels. GO DUKE

Has an all black college ever had a white head coach?

I'm sure there have been many, but Steve Merfeld led the Hampton Pirates to a first round upset of Iowa State in the 2001 NCAA Tournament. He was the one you see every year jumping up in the air and his players hold him up while he kicks his legs. But again, I'm sure there are more.

Is there a pro tennis player who uses slice or chip on their forehand?

At the 2010 Wimbledon tournament, Tsevana Pironkova of Bulgaria reached the Ladies' semi-final, in large part due to her use of a slice forehand. This unconventional shot helped her to upset Venus Williams in an earlier round.