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Q: When was the last time the national league won the all-star game?
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When was the last time the National League won an All Star game?

It was on July 10, 2012. The National League defeated the American League, 8-0.

Who was the last 30 game winner in the national league?

Denny McClain. He was 31-6 in 1968

Who won the last all-star game?

Mlb: West Nba: West Nhl :East What are you talking about the mlb doesnt have a east and west game its a American and national league game and the winner of that game was the American league

When was the last All-Star baseball game in Chicago?

The last MLB All Star game in Chicago was in the 2003 season when the American League defeated the National League, 7-6, at U.S. Cellular Field. Garrett Anderson of the Angels was named MVP of the game.

When was the last time the cubs won the national division?

The Cubs last won a National League Championship in 1945.

When was tha last time the dodgers hosted the all-star game?

July 7, 1980. The National League defeated the American League 4-2. Ken Griffey was voted MVP.

When was the last time in the NFL where a game was decided with a combined score of less than 5 points?

The last time a game in the National Football League was decided with a combined score of less then five points, was when the Packers played the Bears in January.

Who has won the most all-star games in last ten years?

Since the 2002 All-Star Game, the American League has won seven times, the National League twice, and there was one tie.

When is the last game of the champions league 2012?

THe last game of the 2012 Champions league is on 27th May, 2012. The final between Bayern and Chelsea will be played that day.

What team caused the end of Michael Irvin's career?

The Philadelphia Eagles. Irvin suffered a severe spinal injury in a 1999 game at Veterans Stadium. It was the last game he ever played in the National Football League.

Where is the hockey player Anson Carter of the National Hockey League playing now?

Anson Carter last played for HC Lugano in the Swiss Nationalliga A. (National League A)

When is the premier league last game of the season?

May 9th.