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The Yankees and the Dodgers last played in the 1981 World Series, with the Dodgers winning in six games.

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Q: When was the last time the Yankees played the dodgers in the World Series?
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Who played the 1977 world series?

The NY Yankees and The LA Dodgers

Who played 75th Anniversary World Series baseball game?

Dodgers Yankees

Who played in the 1978 World Series?

The New York Yankees beat the LA Dodgers in the 1978 World Series.

Did the twins beat the dodgers in 1963 World Series?

No. The Dodgers beat the Yankees, 4 games to 0, in the 1963 World Series. The Dodgers and Twins played in the 1965 World Series with the Dodgers winning 4 games to 3.

Which teams played in the 1981 Baseball World Series?

The Los Angeles Dodgers played the New York Yankees in the 1981 World Series. (Some sources incorrectly list the Angels as having played the Yankees.) The Dodgers won the Series 4 games to 2.

How many World Series home runs did Reggie Jackson hit for the Yankees?

Eight. Five in the 1977 World Series won by the Yankees over the Los Angeles Dodgers, two in the 1978 World Series won by the Yankees over the Dodgers, and one in the 1981 World Series lost by the Yankees to the Dodgers.

What team in baseball has been to the World Series more than the New York Yankees?

None.Through the 2009 World Series, the Yankees have played in 40 World Series. Second is the Dodgers who have played in 18 World Series. The Cardinals and Giants have played in 17 each.

What team did the Dodgers play in the 1947 World Series and who won?

For the 1947 World Series, the Brooklyn Dodgers played the New York Yankees. The New York Yankees won the 1947 Major League Baseball World Series in seven games.

Who did the New York Yankees play in the World Series during the 1970's?

The Yankees played - and beat - the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1977 & 1978 World Series.

Who was in the 1981 Baseball World Series?

The Dodgers and the Yankees.

Who did the dodgers play in 1981 World Series?

The Dodgers beat the New York Yankees in the 1981 World Series.

Who have the dodgers beat in the World Series?

The Dodgers have beaten the Yankees, White Sox, Twins, and A's in the World Series.

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