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The 19 World Cup tournament have been won by eight by national teams. Brazil have won five times, and they are the only team to have played in every tournament.

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Q: When was the last time the Brazil national football team won the World Cup?
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Who won the last women's fifa world cup?

brazil i think (i dont watch woman football.)

What is the best national soccer team in the world?

Brazil is the best having won 5 World Cups followed by Italy with 4 World Cups. Brazil last won the World Cup in 2002, Italy last won the World Cup in 2006.

Who won the Football World Cup?

The last one in 2010, Spain, In 2006 Italy, In 2002 Brazil, In 1998 France...

Who won the last 6 football world cups?

Spain 2010, Italy 2006, Brazil 2002, France 1998, Brazil 1994, West Germany 1990

In last 15 yearshow many times have Brazil won world cup?

In the last 15-years Brazil has won the World Cup one time. Brazil has won the World Cup five times total, and is the only national team that has played in all FIFA World Cup editions without absence.

When did Franc last win the football World cup?

France last won the world cup in 1998 , in its own backyard with a 3-0 score verses Brazil. With goals from Zidane and Petit.

In which year did Brazil last win the FIFA World Cup?

Brazil last won the world cup in Japan in 2002.

Who were the last five winners of the football world cup?

2006 Italy 2002 Germany 1998 France 1994 Brazil 1990 Italy

What year did Brazil host the World Cup?

Brazil last hoisted the world cup in 1950.

Does brazil have the best football team in the world?

they arent Spain is. Spain won the last world cup. Brazil won the one before that. Brazil play a certain style of football that is a lot more individual and play with control. They have the ball at their feet since they were three of four years old. Yeah thats how important soccer is over there.

When did America host the world cup last?

The U.S.A . has hoisted only one world cup, and that was in 1994. After all football is not the national sport of the U.S.A.

What year did Oklahoma State when their last national title in football?

The Oklahoma State Cowboys have never won a national title in football.

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