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Q: When was the last time the Atlanta Braves went to the World Series?
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When was the Atlanta Braves last championship?

The Braves last won the World Series in 1995, beating the Cleveland Indians 4-2.

What is the last year the braves won a World Series before 1995?

First time as the Atlanta Braves. They won it as the Milwaukee Braves.

What team did the Minnesota Twins defeat when they won their last World Series?

The Atlanta Braves in 1991.

Did the Pirates win a World Series in 1992?

The Pirates did not win the World Series in 1992 (the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Atlanta Braves). The Pirates last won the World Series in 1979.

When was the last time the Atlanta Braves were in the worldseires?

The Braves' last trip to the World Series was in 1999, where they lost to the New York Yankees. Their most recent championship was in 1995, when they beat the Indians.

Dodgers won the World Series againts in 1995?

The Dodgers did not appear in the World Series in 1995. The Atlanta Braves beat the Cleveland Indians in the 1995 World Series. The last Dodger World Series win was in 1988.

Who won the World Series in 191419571995?

1914 = Boston Braves, despite being in last place on July 4. 1957 = Milwaukee Braves 1995 = Atlanta Braves This franchise is the only one to win World Series in three different cities. Interestingly, each city has only one Series Championship.

What teams played in the last MLB game of 1999?

The New York Yankees defeated the Atlanta Braves in four games in the 1999 World Series.

List of Yankees last five World Series wins?

Yankees Last Five World Series Championships(As of the 2009 season)2009 beat Philiadelphia Phillies2000 beat New York Mets1999 beat Atlanta Braves1998 beat San Diego Padres1996 beat Atlanta Braves

When did atlanta win their last World Series?


Who was the last pitcher to pitch a complete game in a World Series game seven?

Through the 2009 World Series, that was Jack Morris of the 1991 Minnesota Twins who threw a 10 inning shutout against the Atlanta Braves in Game 7.

When did the Cleveland Indians last play in the World Series and against what team?

The Cleveland Indians prior to their World Series appearance in 2016 against the Chicago Cubs in which they had lost against the Cubs in seven games the last time they had played in the World Series was in 1997 in which they had played the Florida Marlins and lost to them in seven games. They had also lost in the 1995 World Series to the Atlanta Braves.

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