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November 29, 2003

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โˆ™ 2010-11-27 23:03:42
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Q: When was the last time fsu beat uf?
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When did FSU beat UF?


When did FSU first beat UF football?


When was the last time fsu was ranked above uf?

November 5th 2005

What was the score of the 1996 National Championship Game between UF and FSU?

UF 52- Fsu 20

When was the last time Vanderbilt beat UF at Florida Field?


Who has the lead UF or FSU?

In number of wins, UF, but neither made it to the National BCS Bowl... FSU did NOT make it into the BCS bowls, but UF did make it into the BCS SUGAR bowl.... hope this helps oh, and UF won 51-24 in the Sugar Bowl

Which team won the first UF vs FSU rivalry game?


Why do the Gators most of the time beat FSU?

Currently it's because FSU is in a down period meaning they are not living up to their standards of play. However if you are asking why UF leads the all time series 31-19 with 2 ties which is 12 more wins than the noles it is because UF was a pretty good team when FSU Football was still pretty new and still a cream puff? I now one thing i have 32 years working with NCAA and this info is incorrect. its 30-20

How many times has UF beat FSU in a row?

The Florida Gators have beaten The Florida State Seminoles 7 Times in a row.

What is the longest winning streak in the UF vs FSU series?

The long UF winning streak is 9 games (1968-1976). The longest FSU winning streak is 4 games (1977-1980 and 1987-1990).

When was the last time UF won against FSU?

Saturday, November 26, 2005.The Florida 'Gators beat the Florida State Seminoles 34-7 in Gainsville, Florida.As much as I am a Seminole fan(Go Noles), I say that the Universty of Florida Gators are better but I still love the Florida state Seminoles.

What are the colleges in Florida that have lacrosse?

Some but not all would be, UF, FSU, USF, UT, Saint Leo.

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