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Q: When was the last time everton won a penalty at anfield?
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Who has more fans Liverpool or everton?

Liverpool. It use to be the case that Everton had more fans in Liverpool. However over the past 10 years there has being a considerable swing. Liverpool has had a larger international appeal for a long time due to being the more successful club.Liverpool have an estimated 120 million fans worldwide.Everton have an estimated 15 million fans worldwide.Everton are the best though.Flashman42 - 15,04,11Well done to whoever edited this last, everton are the best. ;)

Who scored a hat trick for Liverpool last time they met arsenal in the league?

No-one Arsenal won 2-1 at Anfield. Lat year Arshevin scored 4 for Arsenal in a 4-4 draw at Anfield.

When was the last time west bromwich albion beat Liverpool at anfield?

sunday 22 april 2012 mr alan hanson

Does Ireland have a deth penalty?

no, the death penalty was abolished in Ireland some time ago and the last execution was in 1954

Who is the all time scorer for everton?

Duncan Fergerson is the all time scorer for Everton with 60 goals.

When was the last time Jose Reina saved a penalty?


Who is the best everton player of all time?

Dixie Dean, the best everton player ever, even died watching an everton match R.I.P

When did everton last win the fa cup?

19879th League Title05/04/1987 The championship was secured on the first May bank holiday, when Pat van den Hauwe's close-range finish against Norwich at Carrow Road meant Kendall's side could not be overtaken at the top.

When was the last time roughing the holder penalty was called in them NFL?

February 1, 2009 in the superbowl.

When the last time arsenal won a trophy?

The last time Arsenal won a trophy was in 2005. They won FA cup by beating Manchester United 5-4 on penalty shootout.

5 Scottish players to play in old firm and Liverpool everton and Manchester darbys?

No scottish player has. Only Andrei kanchelskis. He was not scottish last time i checked!!!!!!!!!! lol

When was the last time England won a penalty shootout?

Euro '96 when we beat Spain by 4-2 on spot kicks.