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The 2000 season.

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Q: When was the last time buffalo won in New England?
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When was the last time the NEW ENGLAND patriots were shutout?

Prior to the week 3 2016 game versus Buffalo, the last time the Patriots were shut out was 12/10/2006. They lost 21-0 to the Miami Dolphins.

What geographic landmarks is Buffalo going too see at New England?

What geographic landmarks is Buffalo going to see at New England ?

Did buffalo become the New England Patriots?


Who is better New England Patriots or Miami Dolphins?

new England patriots

Will Buffalo sweep New England in the 2007 season?


Who did the giants beat last year?

The Giants beat the Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots.

Who was the last New England Patriots quarterback to lose at buffalo?

Tom Brady in the 2003-04 season, they lost to them 31-0 in week 1. Then in week 17 they got their revenge by beating them in New England 31-0

Who has the New England Patriots beaten the most?

The Buffalo Bills - they have won 64 times against Buffalo.

When was the last time the New England patriots won a Super Bowl?


What animals did the New England colony breed?

The new England colonies bred dogs, horses, deer, buffalo, and etc.

What are two AFC teams?

New England Patriots Buffalo Bills

When was the last time the New York Yankees won their division?

The last time the Yankees won their division was in 2011.