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In 1970.

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Q: When was the last time bobby Moore captained England?
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Who was soul singer of 60's with last name Moore?

Bobby Moore was a soul singer in the 60's who had a hit with a song called "Searching For My Baby" in 1966. The coincidence of his name and year with another very famous Bobby Moore who captained the World Cup winning England football team in the same year has not gone unnoticed :)

When did England last held the World Cup?

England last held the world cup in 1966, that was a long time back. And Sir Bobby Moore was the captain.

Did England last win the world cup in 1966?

yes that is the one and only time they have won it. Their captain was Bobby Moore and Bobby Charleton scored (it may be the other way round). Let's hope they can win this year :)

Which goalkeeper saved a penalty in Bobby Moore's last international appearance?

Joe Corrigan

Who has been capped for England in more than one sport?

Reginald Erskine Foster (Tip foster) is the only player who had captained England in both test cricket and international football. He captained England in test cricket in 3 matches, all against South Africa in the 1907 test series, winning one and drawing the other two. he captained England in football in one match only, his last one against Wales, which ended in a 0-0 draw.

Who captained Mayo footballers last year?

Well its 2008, so if this is about who captained them in 2007, then its David Heaney.

Was there someone on the titanic with the last name Moore?

There was one passenger with the surname Moore aboard the R.M.S. Titanic. Clarence Bloomfield Moore of Washington DC was returning from England with his manservant Charles Harrington. Both Moore and Harrington perished in the sinking of the Titanic.

Captained Pakistan in last t20 int?

Younis Khan.

Who was a singer with the last name Moore?

Sam (Sam and Dave) Mandy Bobby Dorothy Jackie

Are Demi Moore and julianne Moore related?

yes, julianne moore is demi mooreโ€™s mother

What Is Lil Twist's Last Name?

Moore is his last name...Christopher L. Moore

What are the release dates for Bobby's World - 1990 Bobby's Last Stand 6-4?

Bobby's World - 1990 Bobby's Last Stand 6-4 was released on: USA: 14 September 1995

Why did Destery change his last name from Smith to Moore?

his legal name is smith that's his dads last name but Moore his his moms last name legally he is destery smith but he also uses destery Moore because it sounds better.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Last Stand - 1930?

The cast of The Last Stand - 1930 includes: Bobby Nelson as Bobby

Where does bobby live in the first part last?

Bobby lives in new York.

What is a sentence using the word adopt?

bobby i adopted a dog last week.His name is bobby bobby

When was The Last Show - The Mary Tyler Moore Show - created?

The Last Show - The Mary Tyler Moore Show - was created on 1977-03-19.

What is pink's last name?

Well her first name is Alicia and her last name is broblaatin jk idk Her last name is Moore. Her full name is Alecia Beth Moore

Is pinks last name Moore?

Yup... Her full name is Alecia Beth Moore =D

Is Destery's last name Smith or Moore?

His last name is Smith

Does Maura and Bobby have the same last name as Niall Horan?

Bobby does but Maura doesn't.

What type of last name is Moore?

First found in the county records of Leicestershire, England, the surname Moore seems to have come to England with the Norman Conquest of 1066AD.See the Related Link listed below for more information:

Who has captained England in cricket and football?

Answer: Clement Arthur Milton (March 10, 1928 - April 25, 2007) was an English cricketer and footballer. He played County cricket for Gloucestershire from 1948 to 1974, playing 6 Test matches for the English cricket team in 1958 and 1959. He also played domestic football for Arsenal between 1951 and 1955, and then for a brief period for Bristol City. He played one match for the England national football team in 1951, against Austria at Wembley. He was the last survivor of the 12 people to have played at the highest international level for both England's football and cricket teams.It seems Milton is the right anwer. The 79-year-old legend who died in 2007 at his home in Bristol was the last man to play football and cricket for his country England.http://www.cricketlatest.comReginald ("Tip") Erskine Foster is the only man ever to have captained England at both her national sports. He played 5 football internationals for England between 1900 and 1902 and captained England against Wales, with ten professionals under him, in 1902. He captained the English cricket team in 3 tests against South Africa in 1907. His 287 in his debut test at Sydney in the 1903/04 tour remains the highest Test score by an Englishman in Australia. He scored a series aggregate of 486 on that tour, at the age of 25. Business pressure prevented him playing more than he did, and he died from diabetes, before insulin was discovered, at the age of 36. He was one of 7 brothers, all of whom played cricket for Worcestershire.

Is the last name Moore of English origin?

It is either English or Irish, my last name is Moore and my family was English although many people thought it was an Irish name

Who was the last player who captained an fa cup winning side but was never caped internationally?

It well be the English deffender Sol Cambell of Porthsmouth.