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Q: When was the last time a test match was played on a Wednesday in England?
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By how much did England win their latest cricket match?

The Last Cricket Match won by England took place during December 5-9th, and was played against India. England won the match by seven wickets. The Last match between England and India ended in a draw.

When was the last ashes series played and who won?

in 2009,england won the match

Which year was the last top division match played on Christmas day in England?


When was the last time West Ham played Bournemouth in the league?

West Ham last played Bournemouth on Wednesday 11th April, 1990. The match took place in the Old Division 2. The match ended West Ham 4 - 1 Bournemouth.

When was the last tornado in england?

The last tornado in England was formed on the Wednesday 28th of April 2012 in Essex!

Against which team Brian Lara played his last International match?

Against England (21 April 2007)

In which year was the last top Division match played on Christmas Day in England when Blackburn beat Blackpool 1-0?


when sanath jayasuriya played his last one day match?

He is a srilankan person. He played till year 2009. He played his last match against india.

In what year did England last play a match on St Georges day?


Has Chelsea FC stadium Stamford Bridge ever hosted an international match?

England played three international matches on Stamford Bridge in early 20th century. The last one was played in 1932.

Against which country the legendry Brian Lara played his first and last cricket test match?

brian Lara played his first and last test match against India

The last match of the 2010 world cup?

It will be the final match. Played on 11/7/2010.