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In 2006, the third seeded (in the Minneapolis bracket) University of Florida gators defeated the #2 seeded UCLA (in the Oakland bracket) in the national championship. Neither team was a number one seeed

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2009-03-17 20:21:45
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Q: When was the last time a team seeded number one did not win the ncaa tournament?
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What was Michigan seeded when they won the NCAA basketball tournament?

Michigan was a #3 seed when they won the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in 1989.

What is the lowest seeded team to ever beat a 1 seed in the ncaa tournament?

16 seed, beat duke last year

What team has the most NCAA tournament wins as the lower seeded team?


What is lowest seeded team to win NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Villanova (#8) in 1985

What is the lowest seed to ever win a the NCAA tournament?

8 seeded Vilanova in 1985

What was Villanova seeded in the 1985 NCAA tournament?

8th, the lowest seed to win it all

Which number one seeded team won last night's ncaa basketball game?


What was Kansas seeded in the 1988 NCAA tournament?

Kansas was the #6 seed in the Midwest bracket in 1988.

What was the lowest seeded team to win the ncaa basketball tournament?

8 Villanova over Georgetown

What team knocked Kentucky out in the second round of the 2007 NCAA Tournament?

#1 seeded Kansas defeated Kentucky in the second round of the 2007 NCAA Tournament, by a score of 88-76.

Has any college basketball team that was ranked 64th ever upset the team ranked number 1 in the NCAA tournament?

16 seeded Harvard defeated 1 seed Stanford in the 1998 women's NCAA tournament. That is the only victory by a 16 seed in either the men's or women's tournament.

What are the fewest points scored in a mens NCAA tournament game?

Michigan State Vs Louisville in the 2012 mens NCAA tournament. Michigan State scored only 44 points as the lower seed Louisville Cardinals ousted the number 1 seeded Spartans.

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