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The Utah Jazz have never won the championship.

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Q: When was the last time Utah Jazz won the championchip?
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When is the last time the Philadelphia Sixers won the championchip?


When was the last time two teams with identical regular season records competed in the NBA Finals?

1998 chicago bulls and utah jazz

Who do you think that the Utah Jazz are going to win the championship for the NBA?

I think that the Utah Jazz will end up playing the Lakers even though that sucks big time since i am a huge Jazz fan!!!!

Who is the Number 2 all time rebounder for the Utah jazz?

carlos boozer

Who holds the all time socring record for the Utah Jazz?

Karl Malone

When does the Utah Jazz 2007-2008 season start?

The 2007-2008 NBA season starts in mid October so you 'll probably see the Utah Jazz have their first game around that time.

When was the last time Utah State University beat Utah?

September 7th!

Which professional football teams play in London?

only the Utah jazz and the New York knicks at this time.

What is the biggest half-time lead blown in the nfl?

utah jazz down by 32 to denver nuggets

Where can you win Utah jazz tickets?

There are many ways to win Utah Jazz tickets. Besides the free giveaways sponsored by the team on their official NBA website, local Utah radio and television stations also have contests. Websites that re-sell tickets for sporting events also have free ticket giveaways from time to time.

When was the last time that the Boston Celtics won an NBA championship?

The Celtics last championship came in the 1985-1986 season. answer actually the celtics last won during the 2007-2008 season winning their 17th championchip

Whats the record between the jazz and the spurs?

The Utah Jazz and the San Antonio Spurs have played 148 times. The Spurs lead the all-time series 80-68.

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