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2009; Tiger Woods' last win in a Golf tournament was at the 2009 WGC Bridgestone Invitational.

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Q: When was the last time Tiger Woods won a golf tournament?
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Which golf tournament did Tiger Woods most recently win?

Tiger Woods last played the US Open in 2008, which he won after a play off with Rocc Mediate.

What is the last tournament Tiger won?

The last tournament Tiger Woods won was the 2009 Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill.

Was Tiger Woods separated when he won his last tournament?

He just won on the 26th of march and he is separated. Yes he was separated when he won his last tournament.

How much money last place golf tournament?

If you are in last place in a golf tournament you could get about 1,000 dollars

Who is the last player to win a high school college and pro championship in the same sport?

Tiger Woods -- Golf

When was the last time Tiger Woods played golf?

30th July - 2nd August 2009 he is playing in the Buick Open.

What is the biggest prize money in golf?

$10 Million For Winning the Fedex Cup ! Tiger Woods won this last year

Who won Buick golf yesterday?

It was The Bridgestone Invitational yesterday, last week it was The Buick Open, Tiger Woods won both of them.

What is the largest stroke deficit Tiger Woods has overcome to win a Golf tournament?

5 strokes coming into the last round. He just did it for the second time in his career today (March 29th, 2009) at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Sean O'hair is who he overcame.

Who is more famous Tiger Woods or Garfield?

Tiger Woods are to be more famous, because not only for his excellence in Golf, but because of the scandalous event that occurred last year of him cheating on his wife. and, partly because I don't even know who Garfield is?

When did Tiger Woods win the masters last?

Tiger Woods last won The Masters in 2005 after beating Chris DiMarco in a playoff.

What does Tiger Woods make on average?

Per Tournament he would easily make over $500,000. But for the last 3 seasons he has earned over $100 million.

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