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Q: When was the last time Purdue beat a top ranked team?
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When did Missouri beat a number one ranked team?


What were the seminols ranked when Brett Favre beat them?

They were the 6th ranked team in the nation before Brett Favre and the Southern Miss Golden Eagles beat them.

How many times has clemson beat a number one ranked football team?

Never !

How many times has a college basketball team beat the same number one ranked team in the same season?


Where is the basketball team purdue from?

Purdue is located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

When does duke play in the NCAA tournament?

The last time the Duke Men's team was in the NIT was 1981(Purdue 81, Duke 69 - last NIT game) and (Duke 75, Alabama 70 - last NIT win.)

Who was the ranked last team South Carolina upset Before Georgia in 2007?


Was the Purdue tennis team on titanic?

No, they were not.

When was the University of Kentucky basketball team last ranked in the Top 25?

we are currently ranked #2 with a 17-0 record in our 2009-2010 season.

Does purdue university have a hockey team?

Purdue University has a hockey club, but it is not a varsity sport.

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