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2009-2010 Season.

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Q: When was the last time Minnesota Vikings went 3-0?
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When was the last time the Arizona Cardinals won a playoff game?

in 1999 in the 1st round against the dallas cowboys in dallas they went on to lose in the 2nd round to the minnesota vikings in minnesota

When was the last time the vikings went undefeated in the preseason?


When is the last time vikings went to the Super Bowl?


When was the last time Miami Dolphins went to the super bowl and won?

That was Super Bowl VIII against the Minnesota Vikings played January 13, 1974.

When was the last time the Green Bay Packers went to the NFL playoffs?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the last Packers playoff game was on January 9, 2005 when they lost to the Minnesota Vikings 31-17 in a wild card game.

How many Super Bowls did Minnesota Vikings lose?

they went to the super bowl 2 time and lost all 2Answer:The Vikings have been to, and lost, four Super Bowls: IV, VIII, IX and XI.

When was the Last time Minnesota Vikings went to division championship game?

Prior to the 2009 season when they will play the New Orleans Saints for the NFC Championship, that was the 2000 season when they played the New York Giants for the NFC Championship. The Giants won that game 41-0.

Did randy moss play for the eagles?

No. He started his career on the Minnesota Vikings, then went to the Oakland Raiders, and finally New England Patriots.

What team went to 4 Super Bowls and never won NOR ever lead in any of those games?

The Minnesota Vikings.

Is Big Time Rush coming to Mineesota?

They already went to Minnesota :)

What team did daren sharper get traded to?

He was never traded he went to The Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints after he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1997

Vikings leif erickson?

he had gather with the vikings and had went to north America

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