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Bryant is still playing as of this past season (2012-2013)

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Q: When was the last time Michael Jordan played basketball?
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Who was the last University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill basketball player in Olympics?

michael jordan

What teams did Michael Jordan play on?

Basketball- he played most of his career with the Chicago bulls and his last season/seasons with the Washington wizard. Then he played Baseball for the Birmingham Barons, because he dreamed to play both Baseball and Basketball.

What was the last team that Michael Jordan played against in the nba?

The Washington Wizards. He retired in 2001.

What team did Michael Jordan become most famous playing on?

Michael Jordan last played for the Washingron Wizards but, he is currently a manager of the NY Knicks

What team held Jordan to his least amount of points?

I believe, the last team Michael Jordan played for that was The "WIZARD"

What was Michael Jordan's scoring average in his last year in the league?

Michael Jordan played in all 82 games for Washington his last year in the NBA. He averaged about 20 points per game.

What famous people have first name beginning with M and last name beginning with J?

· Michael Jackson (singer) · Mick Jagger (musician, singer, songwriter) · Magic Johnson (basketball) · Michael Jordan (basketball)

What is Micheal Jordan full name?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan

When did Michael Jordan played under head coach dean smith?

Last night with your mom

Is Kobe better than Michael Jordan?

Kobe is a heck of a basketball player. He won 4 championships and scored 81 points in a single game. Did Michael ever do that? No. Last time I checked, he didn't. It was Kobe who did it. Kobe is definetely a better basketball player than Michael Jordan. If everyone's thinking Michael's better, all you punks are freakin' wrong. Think more than infinity number of times.

What was Michael Jordan's average during his last year of high school?

Michael Jordan's scoring average during his last year of High School was 28.4.

How many playoff games has Michael Jordan played?

1984-2003 which is a total of 19 years.(OVERALL)