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Manchester United last played Bayern munich which they lost 1-2.

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the distance between Man Utd and Arsenals ground is 7 miles on a metre stick

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in 2010-2011 premier league 4th last man utd game

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Q: When was the last time Man Utd beat Chelsea?
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When was the last time Liverpool beat Chelsea twice in one season?

two year ago when they beat Chelsea twice man united twice and drew with arsenal twice

Will Chelsea fc beat man you?

The person who wrote this last is a arshole because you put it down after the match. Chelsea are better anyway!

When did man utd last beat Chelsea at stamford bridge?

Today, 6 April 2011.

When was the last time man utd beat Chelsea in the premier league at stamford bridge?

Dec 16 2007, 1-0 at Arsenal.

When was the last tottenham beat man utd?

when is the last time tottenham beat man utd in a league match

Who Chelsea beat 13-0?

yeah if it's man utd vs the babyz united!!

When was the last time spurs beat man united?


Is Chelsea better than man utd?

This is a very highly debated topic. They are both top Premier League Football Clubs, and their strength in football can change at any time.Note: Man U stands for Manchester United Football Club, and Chelsea for Chelsea Football ClubOutcomes in Games12 April 2011 Man U beat Chelsea 2:123 September 2007 Man U beat Chelsea 2:021 September 2008 Man U drawed with Chelsea 1:1FA community shield final 2010 Man U beat Chelsea 3:1OpinionsAtletico Madrid striker Diego Forlan believes that Chelsea is better than Man U

Can Chelsea beat man city this Monday?

yes they did 2-1

Who won the 2007 fa cup?

Chelsea beat man u 1-0 after extra time MOST BORING GAME EVER

Who did Man United beat on way to winning Chapions League?

Chelsea! the spoucers!

When did Chelsea beat man city six goals to nil?