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Liverpool last qualified for UEAFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE in 2007, in 2009 for UEAFA UEROPA LEAGUE.

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2012-10-23 09:27:53
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Q: When was the last time Liverpool qualified for the champions league?
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When did Liverpool last play in Champions League?

Liverpool last play in Champions League in 2014.

When last have Liverpool played in champions league?

The 2009-10 season was the last time they played in the Champions League. Ofcourse, they have qualified for the current season i.e 2014/15.

When did Liverpool fc last in the champions league?

Liverpool FC won their last Champions League in 2005. They defeated AC Milan in the final.

Was Liverpool the last English club to get into the champions league?


Who did Liverpool beat to win champions league last?


When was the time that Liverpool last won the champions league?


When was the last time that Liverpool won the Champions League?


Which team did Liverpool played last in the champions league?

The Last team Liverpool played in the Champions League was Real Madrid in the 2014/15 season of CL. They were defeated 1-0.

Who did Liverpool lose to in their last champions league final?

AC Milan

Who better Liverpool or arsnal?

Arsenal have consistently qualified for champions league for the past 15 years. Arsenal finished 3rd last year while Liverpool finished 8th, Therefore making arsenal the better team

In what years did Liverpool win champions league?

well all i know is that they won the champions league 5 times The last time was in Istanbul in 2005

How many years has it been since Tottenham were last in the champions league?

Tottenham last competed in the Champions League in 2010-11. They qualified for the 2012-13 Champions League, however were placed in the Europa League as a result of a UEFA technicality

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