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2005, in that epic final against AC Milan.

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Q: When was the last time Liverpool lifted a champions league trophy?
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Who lifted champions league trophy in 1993?

eric cantona

How many times have Liverpool won the European cup?

Liverpool have won the European Cup a total of 5 times, if you count their 2005 Champions League win too. Due to this Liverpool have a replica of the Champions League trophy in their club trophy room!

What year did Liverpool win their fourth champions league trophy?

Liverpool won their fourth European Cup in 1984. Liverpool have won the European Cup 5 times (the 5th in its present format as Champions League).

Who allegedly dented the Champions League trophy following Liverpool's 2005 win?

i will go with ac milan

Which city hosted the Champions League Final when Liverpool last won the trophy?

instanbul in 2005 on the 13th may

Has anyone retained the champions league trophy?

No team has retained the Champions League trophy i.e that is after it was renamed from European Cup. However, many clubs like Real Madrid, Ajax, Liverpool, Bayern Munich have retained the European Cup.

How big is the uefa champions league trophy in cm?

62 cm is the size of the UEFA Champions League Trophy

How many times does a team have to win the champions league to take the trophy home?

Five. The last team to do this was Liverpool FC

What year did Liverpool win their third champions league trophy?

Liverpool have won the European Cup 5 times. They have won the trophy once under it's current Branding of "Champions League". They won the European Cup for the third time in 1981 beating Real Madrid 1-0 in the final.

Do automatic promoted teams in football league receive a trophy?

Yes. The Champions of the league will receive a champions trophy, and the automatically promoted teams will also receive a trophy.

What is the champions league trophy called?

celtic fc champions cup

How moch is premier-league and uefa champions league trophies?

ITHINK the champions league trophy is highly costly

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