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Q: When was the last time England's cricket team had a right-handed opener except for Joe Root?
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Who is the Indian cricket team opener?

Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan

What is the first person to bat in cricket called?

You give the name of a first batsman the title 'OPENER' as this person opens the batting.

What is an opener in cricket?

In cricket while a side is batting, two of the batsman of the side open the innings. In a sense, these are the first two batsman who start the proceedings. Each of these two is called an opener.

Is Sanath Jayasuriya a national cricketer?

Sanath jayasooriya is a srilankan. He was playing for the national cricket board. He was a great opener for the team.

Who scored the first run of the the first Cricket Test Match?

Charles Bennerman, the opener batsman of Australia scored the first run of the First Cricket Test Match held between England and Australia in the year 1877 at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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Who scored first test century for sri lanka?

Sri Lanka's first century in Test cricket came in a 1981-82 Test match against Pakistan on March 14-19, 1982, opener Sidath Wettimuny scoring 157 runs, his first of two centuries in Test cricket.