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l think they only won it once which is today

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Q: When was the last time Chelsea won the Barclay's premier league?
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Who has won the most English Premier League over the last ten years?

Manchester United.

How many times Chelsea won champions leauge?

Never. In 2008 they lost on a penalty shootout against Manchester United, and the year after that they lost to Barcelona on the away goal rule. They played a draw but because Barcelona scored a goal on Chelsea field Stamford Bridge Barcelona went to the final where they beat Manchester United 2-0 after goals from Samuel Eto'o and Lionel Messi. Chelsea may have played a draw to Barcelona because of a norwegian referee named Øvrebø didn't give them penalties when every billion in the world really saw that it was a penalty like two, three times. Chelsea have tough had sucess in the Barclays Premier League where they have won that trophy three times the last 7 years including last year and they have good chances of winning it this year. They have also won the FA-Cup, Carling Cup and Community shield or Charity shield that some prefer to call it. This days Chelsea have good chances of winning the Champions League, they are currently playing against FC Copenhagen from Denmark. Everybody expect Chelsea to win that one, and i think they will. But everything can happen in football, so who knows?

How many times have Manchester United won the Premier League in the last 10 years?

Since 2000, Manchester United have won the Premiership 6 times.

When did real Madrid play Chelsea last?

On August 2013,they played each other and the score was real Madrid 3-1 Chelsea.

Last redsox player to lead league in stolen bases?

As of 2009, Jacoby Ellsbury was the last Red Sox player to lead the American League in stolen bases. Ellsbury led the League in 2009 with 70, and in 2008 with 50.

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