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Q: When was the last sec championchip for Alabama?
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In what year did Alabama win their last sec championship?

In 1999

What was the last time Alabama won a championship?

National - 1992 SEC - 1999 SEC West - 2008

When did dodgers win there last championchip?


How many sec championship does Alabama have?

Alabama has 23 SEC Championships.

When was the last time Alabama has won the sec?

They won the SEC championship in 2009. They also won the National Championship the same season.

When did Miami Heat win there last championchip?


Last three championchip for lakers?

2001 2002 and 2009

When is the last time the Philadelphia Sixers won the championchip?


Is Alabama in the sec?


Who will win Alabama vs Florida in 2009 sec championship?


What is Alabama's football record against the other SEC schools?

university of Alabama's football record against the other sec schools

What 2 sec coaches havewon sec titles with 2 different schools in the sec?

Nick Saban with Alabama and LSU and also Bear Bryant with Alabama---and he also won at Kentucky!