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Q: When was the last perfect game on opening day?
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How can a pitcher throw a perfect game and it not affect the other teams batting average?

a perfect game is a no hitter, but a no hitter is not always a perfect game. do the the fact that a no-hitter can have people get on base by walks and errors, and a perfect game has nobody get on base by any means.

How many people want to Yankee Stadium on opening day 2010?

49,283 went to the Yankees game on opening day.

When is the last time the New York Yankees won an opening day game?

On Opening Day, Tuesday, April 1, 2008, the Yankees defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2 at Yankee Stadium. The game had been originally scheduled for Monday, March 31, 2008 but was canceled due to rain.

What is the reason that the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans are playing the NFL opening day game in 2009?

Because it will be a very interesting game as the Titans beat the Steelers in the regular season last year.

Who was the last unranked team to beat the Huskers on opening day?


When was the olympic opening ceremony last held in the day time?


When did the reds stop playing in the opening game of the MLB season?

In 1984 the Tigers ignored tradition and played their opening day game before the Reds.

How many opening day no hitters have been thrown in MLB history?

Cleveland Indians pitcher Bob Feller threw a no hitter blanking the Chicago White Sox 1-0 on opening day, April 16, 1940. To date (through 2009) this is the first and only opening day no hitter.

What is the value of an opening day program for the Toronto Blue Jays inaugural home game?

4.00 dollar's is the cost for the opening day program for the Toronto Blue Jay's.

Who was the last Minnesota Twins pitcher to pitch an opening day shutout?

Jim Perry on Opening Day in the 1970 season, defeating the Chicago White Sox 12-0.

When was the last time the San Francisco giants had a opening day game at home?

On April 7, 2009, the San Francisco Giants defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 10-6 at AT&T Park.

What song is played in the opening scene of the movie Legally Blonde?

There is the song "Perfect Day" by Hoku. There are several songs by Samantha Mumba, like "Baby, Come On Over" and "Don't Need You To (Tell Me I'm Pretty)".