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Packers were 5-0 3 weeks ago

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Q: When was the last game the packers went scoreless?
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What is the longest MLB game?

The longest scoreless game in MLB history was on April 15, 1968 when the Mets and Astros went 23 scoreless innings. The Astros won the game 1-0 in the 24th inning

What is the longest a team went scoreless in an NBA game?

1776 Spain vs U.S.

When was the last time packers won 9-0?

1962. It's also the last season they went 10-0. The Packers finshed the 1929 season 12-0-1.

What teams have the Packers lost to?

First, the Green Bay Packers traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Packers emerged victorious with a final score of 21-16, Packers. The Packers then traveled south to Atlanta, Georgia, to take on the Atlanta Falcons. The Packers once again emerged victorious, destroying the Falcons 48-21. The Packers then went to Chicago to take on their rival Chicago Bears. The Packers won that game 21-14, to win the NFC Championship Game. On to Arlington, Texas, the Packers went to take on the AFC Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Packers won the game 31-25.

Who was the coach for the Green Bay Packers in 1998?

Mike Holmgren. It was his last season in Green Bay before he went to Seattle.

Has there ever been a 0-0 tie in the NFL?

No. There have been many playoff games that went into overtime but none of them were scoreless. The lowest scoring playoff game in NFL history was in 1970 between the Lions and the Cowboys with the Cowboys winning 5-0.

The number of spurs that went to the last all-stars game?

Only two players went to last years all star game and they are Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

What is the MLB record for most consecutive shutout innings pitched by one pitcher in a single game?

Orel Hershiser : Los Angeles, 59.0 scoreless innings from 8/30/88 - 9/28/88 ...Dan Drysdale : Los Angeles, 58.0 scoreless innings from 5/14/68 - 6/8/68 ...Walter Johnson: Washington, 55.2 scoreless innings from 4/10/13 - 5/14/13...Jack Coombs: Philadelphia, 53.0 scoreless innings from 9/5/10 - 9/25/10...Bob Gibson: St. Louis, 47.0 scoreless innings from 7/13/33 - 8/1/33 ...

How many games did the Green Bay Packers win in 1989?

The Packers went 10-6 in the 1989 season.

Is the sentence I went to the soccer game with Leon last Saturday a declarative interrogative imperative?

i went to the soccer game with leon last saturday

What was the best win loss record for the Green Bay Packers?

In the 1929 season the Acme Packers went 12-0-1 with the 1 tie which is considered their best record. The tie came to a 0-0 game with the Frankford Yellow Jackets (1924-1931).

Who was Brett Favre playing for when he went to the Super Bowl?

He was playing for the Packers.