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The last Olympic Games were the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Turin, Italy.

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Q: When was the last Olympic event held?
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Related questions

What winter Olympic event was first held in 1988 and won by Canada?

Curling, but it was not yet a offical olympic event.

When and where is the next olympic 2013 be held?

The last Olympic in 2012 was held in London, United Kingdom. The next Olympic will be held in August 2016 in Brazil

Why was the first Olympic event held?

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Where will be the boxing event in olympic 2012 to be held?

in the summer

What last city did the Olympics get held in?

The last Olympic games were held in Beijing 2008

When were the Olympic games held in London last?

The Olympics were last held in London in 1948.

What event was held at the earliest ancient Olympic games?

The earliest known event was the footrace.

Where are the Olympic games held currently?

The last Olympic games (2008) where held in Bejing in China. The next Olympic games are due to be held in 2012 in London, England.

Where and when in Australia was the last Olympic Games?

The last Olympic Games held in Australia were in Sydney in 2000.

Where will the olympic 2012 track cycling event be held?

At London

When were the last Olympic games?

The last Olympic games was the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Turin, Italy.

What Olympic event held in Hong Kong in 2008?

Equestrian events were held in Hong Kong.

Where is fencing held in London 2012?

The 2012 Olympic Fencing event was held in the ExCeL Centre.

Which country held the first event of the Olympic Games?

The first Olympic Game recorded was held in Olympia, Greece in 776 B.C. It was a 220 yard foot race. The modern Olympic Games were held in Anthens, Greece in 1896.

What country the olympic games was last held?

The last (2008) summer Olympics were held in Beijing, China.

Where was the last Summer Olympics held?

The last summer Olympic games were held in Beijing, China in 2008.

Where was last 2012 olympic held?


When and where were the last Olympic games held?

in Alaska

Which country held the last summer olympic games?


When and where the last olympic game held?

in Alaska

Where were the last 3 olympic games held?

The last three olympic games where held in sydney, athens and beijing. And then obviously this years is in london.

Who is last entering the stadium at the Olympic Games?

The Olympic team of the nation hosting the event.

When was the last olympic game held not including beijing 2008 olympic games?

The last Winter Olympic Games were in Torino (Turin) Italy in 2006. The last Summer Olympic Games were in Athens. Greece in 2004.

When was the last olympic games?

The last Olympic Games (as of June, 2014) were held in Sochi, Russia. The opening ceremony for the XXII Olympic Winter Games was on February 7, 2014, and the closing ceremony was held on February 25, 2014.

Which sporting event is held every leap year?

What major sporting event takes place in every leap year