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1960 ... the Philadelphia Eagles (regular season record was 10-2) defeated the Green Bay Packers (regular season record was 8-4) in the NFL Championship Game that season.

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Q: When was the last 12 game NFL season?
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When did the NFL change from 12 game season to a 14 games season?

The 1961 season.

When is the NFL regular season final game 2010?


When did the number of football games in a season change?

The NFL went from a 12 game season to a 14 game season starting in 1961. They went from a 14 game season to a 16 game season starting in 1978.

Has there ever been a score of 12-11 in a NFL game?

Not in a regular season game or playoff game through 2009.

Why was the NFL schedule only 14 games back in 1972?

The NFL played a 14-game season from 1961 until 1977. Before that, teams played a 12-game season. The 16-game schedule didn't start until the 1978 season.

How many games were in an NFL season in 1960?

12. The best regular season record in 1960 was 10-2 by the Philadelphia Eagles. The NFL went to a 14 game regular season in 1961.

What NFL game had only field goals?

There have been 59 NFL games that ended 3-0, the last coming in the 2007 season when the Steelers defeated the Dolphins. Since 1980, there have been two other 3-0 games ... the Jets beat the Redskins in 1993 and the Patriots beat the Dolphins in 1982. There have been 13 NFL games that ended in a 3-3 tie, the last coming in the 1937 season between the Giants and Bears. The last 6-3 game with all field goals came in the 2011 season when the Browns beat the Seahawks. The last 6-6 game with all field goals came in the 1972 season when the Cardinals tied with the Eagles. The last 9-6 game with all field goals came in the 2012 season when the Ravens defeated the Chiefs. There has never been an NFL game to end with the score 9-9. The last 12-3 game with all field goals came in the 1988 season when the Vikings beat the Colts. The last 12-6 game with all field goals came in the 1996 season when the Cowboys defeated the Patriots. The last 12-9 game with all field goals came in the 2002 season when the Buccaneers defeated the Panthers. The last 15-6 game with all field goals came in the 2006 AFC playoffs when the Colts defeated the Ravens.

Did Washington Redskins have a 1-15 season?

No.Since the NFL moved to a 16 game regular season schedule in 1978, the Redskins worst season was 3-13 in 1994.The Redskins have had two 1 win seasons in their history. In 1960, they went 1-9-2 and in 1961, when the NFL changed from a 12 game regular season to a 14 game regular season, the 'Skins went 1-12-1.

When was the last time the Colts beat the Chargers?

Week 12 of the 2008-2009 NFL season. November 23, 2008.

What NFL team scored a touchdown on the first and last plays of a game?

Arizona on October 12 2008.

What is the lowest NFL attedece at a game?

The lowest nfl attendance at a game is 12.

How many NFL teams started the season 12-0?


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