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Q: When was the four point try introduced in rugby league?
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When was Rugby League Four Nations created?

Rugby League Four Nations was created in 2008.

What are the four popular sports are in Australia?

aussie rules rugby league rugby union cricket

When are the rugby league test matches on?

the four nations start this saturday

What connections do england and new zealand have with each other for rugby league?

Their connection in RL are; Rugby League World Cup Four Nations Test Matches

What leagues are there in rugby?

In rugby league theres Super League National league 1 National league 2 there the professional ones but i dont no if theres a third ------------------------------------------------------ NRL (National Rugby League) Super League Lebanese Rugby League (Lebrl) Four Nations league (Australia, NZ, PNG, England) South East Asia League (Thailand, Laos, NZ, Australia, China, Vietnam, Korea) European league (France, Wales, Italy, Norway, Denmark, MORE!) New Zealand Rugby League Amercian National Rugby League (AMNRL)

What is the Rugby League test series between Australia and England called?

Four Nations

What tournaments are rugby league?

There are: NRL (National Rugby League) AMNRL (Amercian Rugby League) Four nations (Aus, NZ, PNG, England) State of Origin (Queensland and NSW) LEBRL (Lebanese Rugby League) SEARL (South East Asia Rugby League - Samoa, Tonga, Cook islands) EuropeRL (Wales, Italy, France) World Cup (Lebanon, Australia, England, PNG, others havn't been confirmed)

How many teams play in rugby league?

There are different types of rugby league, there are: Four nations (Aus, NZ, England, PNG) NRL (16 teams) Super League (14) Lebanese Rugby League (5) AMNRL (I don't know, because they're are still developing) World Cup (6 countries and increasing)

What are the major events of rugby league in the 1960?

Nation vs Nation, Four Nations, State of Origin.

When did a rugby try change from four points to five?

The points awarded for a rugby union try changed from 4 points to 5 in 1992. A rugby league try is still worth 4 points.

Who are four people that play rugby?

Four people that play rugby? Millions worldwide play Rugby mate.

Does the temporary replacement rule apply when a 'blood bin' takes place in rugby league?

No. In Rugby League, you have 12 interchanges from the four players on the bench. Blood bins count towards your 12. No ifs, no buts, no arguments and no joke shop blood capsules.

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